Please note: All views and actions on this blog do not reflect my employer and are all purely my own.

I’m just one person! Not a group.

A bit of background: I hold a B.A. in Japanese Studies and lived in Japan for several years, and this website serves as an informative online portfolio of my Japanese to English translation works.

I sometimes use digital editing programs to implement my personal translations onto media such as scans when applicable, too. In the case of manga and magazine articles, I handle all the cleaning and typesetting in addition to translating.

Basically, it’s a lot of work. But it sure pays off seeing how many people it makes happy. : )

Some of the work I do may come in handy for curious fans who are willing to take a deeper look into the Japanese side of video games they love, too! That is why this blog is public rather than a private portfolio.

I also make “comparison” articles on Japanese and English game texts as a way to show readers and myself how the localization process works –much like the inspirational Legends of Localization

Please feel free to leave comments or feedback, or to email me on the address listed on the contact page.

For those wondering, the lovely site mascot there on the side (above the search bar) is Lilina, Princess of Ostia in Fire Emblem: the Binding Blade. A favorite character and game of mine.


12 thoughts on “About

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  3. Thank you so much for your translations of the Path of Radiance art book. Path of Radiance is my favorite game and I never thought I’d get to see an English version of the beautiful art book. Thanks to you I got to really understand my favorite game! You’ve really made a fan overwhelmingly happy 🙂

    • You’re welcome! It warms me to hear that my work could bring someone such joy. : ) Beyond the practice I get out of this, hearing and reading comments and thoughts like this are why I do this and what keeps me going! So thank you too!

      I plan on doing the same for the sequel book/game that comes out in a few weeks too if you’re interested in supporting that : )

  4. Your translations are superb, thank you for investing so much time and hard work in them! I sure hope your dreams become reality soon, you really deserve that to happen. 🙂

    • You’re welcome! And thank you for the kind comments and reading said translations. I hope they come true, too, and will continue to work toward it best I can. : )

    • Haha, that’s very kind of you. : ) I am glad I have been able to help! If you really want to, feel free to email me at the address posted in “Contact” : )

  5. Keep up the great work! You have a very impressive layout and key eye for detail! Never give up on that reachable dream!

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