Fire Emblem Three Houses: Nintendo Dream Release Poll Translated (August 2019)

Nintendo Dream ran a reader poll for Fire Emblem: Three Houses and published in vol. 306 (released August 21st).  I translated some of the results and comments below!

The poll was conducted between July 25th through August 1st 2019 (Note that the game was released July 26th, 2019).

Note: I purchased the Nintendo Dream volume that included this poll with money received from your kind donations. : ) This is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy!

Release Celebration (Already?!) Poll

Poll conducted via Nintendo’s main site and Twitter.

Voter Info/Statistics:

Female: 63.9%
Male: 31.7%

Game Completed: 54.7%
Game In-Progress: 45.3%

Age Range of Majority: 20-29 Years Old (~59.6%)

Q1. Which house did you choose?

Blue Lions = 42.6%
Golden Deer = 29.6%
Black Eagles = 27.8%

Q2. What was the primary reason you chose that house?

60.7% = It had characters I am interested in.
23.5% = The story that unfolds through the War part on that path seems the most interesting.
3.9% = The story that unfolds through the Monastery part on that path seems the most interesting.
3.4% = The skills available to the house.

(Other Reasons) *in no particular order

  • Because of the introductions on the main site
  • Because of summons in Heroes.
  • I liked the color.
  • I liked the themed animal.
  • I chose completely at random.

Q3. Currently, who is your favorite character?

1. Dimitri 32.4%

  • I feel like he is an honest young man with a straightforward and diligent personality! (- Nakuri)
  • He has a eloquent side and a dark side…I’m also totally in love with his voice while in battle. (-Yukimi Daifuku)
  • His support conversations as well as general conversations are really refreshing, he’s such a good boy, and the way he keeps that immense burden he carries under wraps is nice. I also like those super serious yet occasionally air headed types. (-Shijima)
  • His Princely appearance. My heart beats in anticipation at how he will grow and change through the war segment. (-Hiko)
  • I love how he’s serious yet tender. It’s cute how he tries so hard. (-Ayasan)
  • I’ve fallen in love with his voice. (-Shiki)

2. Claude 22.9%

  • The contrast between what he says and his true feelings pierced my heart like an arrow. (-Byakko)
  • I like his peaceful demeanor, yet how his smile never quite reaches his eyes… (-Barikote)
  • His scheming nature and secrets, and the fact he is a brown Lord who uses a bow makes him a very unique individual among the rest of them. (-Akiyoshi)
  • He just struck me as the kindest out of the three house leaders.
  • I can’t get enough of his carefree attitude. I just have no idea what he will do next… (-Hirote)

3. Byleth (Female) 17.7%

  • We’ve never had a mercenary turned professor b efore, so I felt that was good. (-Ao Mikan)
  • So cool, yet also has cute replies at times. (-Ayame)
  • Of course it’s Byleth! She is looking to be passionate instructor with a cool appearance. (-Osara)
  • The change of her expression from her normally stoic demeanor is so cute. (-Aki)

4. Edelgard 17.0%

  • It’s rare to have a female character who uses an axe. I fell in love with how powerful she is at the start, and continues to be! (-Rigumun)

5. Lysithea 15.9%

  • Her support conversations are cute. Her sheer magic ability makes her really easy to use. (-Tento)

6. Byleth (Male) 14.3%

  • He’s pretty astounding, and choosing options is fun. I am interested in his origins. (-Zegu)

7. Ingrid 13.6%

  • The way she diligently seeks to be a knight yet has a cute side is my favorite. (-Koucha)

8. Bernadetta 10.9%

  • She is just the cutest thing, no matter the support conversation, cuteness is guaranteed. (-Shirome)

9. Marianne 10.5%

  • I like those girls with a shady background. (-Kizaki)

10. Sylvain 9.1%

  • He behaves like a problem child, but at his core is a good boy. (-Reuan)

Those who beat the game had a slightly different Top 3!

  1. Dimitri 30.2%
  2. Claude 19.8%
  3. Lysithea 17.8%
  4. Byleth (Female) 16.6%
  5. Bernadetta 15.1%
  6. Ingrid 14.2%
  7. Edelgard 13.6%
  8. Byleth (Male) 13.0%
  9. Sylvain 11.5%
  10. Sothis 9.8%

That’s all! Pretty interesting things to look at. Opinions differed between those who completed the game versus those currently playing, which makes sense when you consider having the entire picture.

The voter statistics was interesting, with a great majority of female voters this time, and the break down of how many finished versus not. I wonder how the voter results compare to fans in the west?


4 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Three Houses: Nintendo Dream Release Poll Translated (August 2019)

  1. Those danged Ishikawa Kaito fans (sorry. I’m on mobile version so I’m unsure on how to post my own comment). So it’s Eldegard in the west and Dimitri is east? Least good boy Claude pulled high too.

  2. I saw the untranslated poll on Reddit. I was surprised Dimitri was the most popular character. Definitely interesting results among the people polled.
    Thanks for the translation!

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