Shin Kibayashi’s tweet on writing Fire Emblem Fates translated

Something slightly different today, I translated a tweet. Some people were curious as to what Shin Kibayashi (the writer of Fire Emblem Fates) said regarding his role in the game’s writing. Some were incorrectly assuming he was trying to distance himself from a poor story, but really he is just being modest and spreading the praise to other staffers at Intelligent Systems. See the translation below:

From a tweet made on July 3rd:

アマゾンベストセラー1位を維持している『ファイアーエムブレムif』。 ただ、誤解が少しあります。 僕は3本合わせて500枚もの原稿を書きましたが、あくまで原案です。実際にシナリオを書かれたおそらく複数のスタッフの方のために、それだけは知っていただきたいし、広めていただきたいです。

Fire Emblem Fates is now ranked number one best-seller on Amazon[]. However, there may be a slight misunderstanding. Though I wrote about 500 pages between all three versions, it was just a draft. Since the final scenario was [the result of being] passed through various staff members, I just want to let it be known that they too [had a role in this].

I hope this clears up any potential confusion on the matter. Whether or not one liked the story, it is selling well in Japan, being at the top of’s best selling video games.


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