FE14 – Paralogue 2: Fate of the Dragon-Blooded [Kanna] Story Summary

As part of a new translation mini-series, I’ll be summarizing the child paralogues in Fire Emblem: Fates as I go through Linkmastr’s video gallery of them (as they would take quite a while to get myself)

This is Paralogue 2 (the first being a non child quest, so I started here, but may get to it later), and focuses on Kanna. It is unlocked by S ranking Kamui.

As usual, this is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : ) It certainly helps me keep going!

You can find data on the chapter itself here under “Paralogue 2” [P2] here.

Kanna is roaming around, commenting on the beautiful day and wondering if they should do something, such as pick fruit in the woods. They know their parent Kamui is coming to visit and so want to dish up a feast to celebrate. They decide to get fruit from the woods and fish from the river. Suddenly, mysterious phantom like soldiers appear, and Kanna cowers, unsure of what to do. Kanna decides to attack as not to let the secret of this hidden place be out, but it does not seem to work out too well. Kamui arrives right on time to save Kanna, and apologizes, having not expected enemies to find Kanna in this secluded region. Kanna says it is fine and they are unharmed, and Kamui says to leave the rest to them. Kanna worries for Kamui, but Kamui keeps reassuring them they’re fine. Kamui starts to struggle, as Kanna rushes in telling them to stop bullying their parent, and refuses to run away. They yell that they will protect Kamui no matter what, and transform into a dragon as a result. Kamui is shocked upon realization that the power of Kanna’s dragon blood has awakened in order to protect Kamui. Kamui worries that Kanna may not have control of this power yet, however, and seeks to destroy the enemy as quick as possible. The battle begins.

After the battle, Kanna is exhausted and wonders what happened to them. Kamui says that Kanna became a dragon, to which Kanna is surprised. Kanna mentions they wanted the power to protect their parent, but were sad and afraid at the same time, and so that it is strange how they became a dragon regardless. Kamui reassures them, saying it is proof of Kanna’s heritage, saying that Kamui too becomes a dragon with the same shape and form. He says that Kanna must contain their power in a dragon stone to prevent it from going rampant, just as Aqua had done for them. They give Kannaa stone, which Kanna thanks them for, saying it is pretty. Kanna asks if they can fight in the outside world with their parent now, but Kamui says that is impossible as Kanna is still a child. Kamui assures they will still visit Kamui though, and eat Kanna’s favorite fruit and see their favorite sights. Kamui says Kanna is a good child, and says they will meet again, taking leave. Kanna then starts crying, saying they really want to go along with Kamui, They plead that they will be fine with the power of dragons they now have, and wishes to go along, and that they hate continuing to wait while thinking Kamui may never return. Kamui apologizes, having had no idea that their child felt this way from the beginning. Kamui says they will talk to everyone in this secluded realm, and see to it that Kanna can travel along. Kanna is overjoyed, as Kamui makes them promise not to cry or complain about hunger and hardships from now on. Kanna says they will do their best. Kamui welcomes Kanna aboard, and Kanna gives a heartfelt thank you, expressing their happiness.


Linkmastr’s video:


8 thoughts on “FE14 – Paralogue 2: Fate of the Dragon-Blooded [Kanna] Story Summary

  1. What’s the story behind getting the children characters, i mean, in Awakening was cuz of Naga’s time portal, so how is it you encounter them in Fates?

    • There are “secluded realms/regions” which are pocket dimensions where time moves slower than the outside world. So kids are hidden in them for their own safety but end up becoming older while the war is still going and stuff.

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    • I’ll likely be doing Hoshido first : ) Though I am personally more interested in the Nohr ones, I am just going in the order the Japanese guide presents them xD

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