Fire Emblem 64 Screenshot + Design Work Scans – 25th Anniversary Book

Fire-Emblem-25th-AnniversaryToday I translated some tidbits on the game that would’ve been Fire Emblem 64. It was titled Maiden of Darkness (the same title the antagonist of Binding Blade goes by). I posted some high resolution scans of the designs with some added notes (but raws are available by request).

A user on reddit and SerenesForest have already posted more tidbits regarding the development from the interview that was included alongside these shots, so I will provide a link to that here if you are interested.

As you can imagine, the process of doing all this (scanning and killing the book’s spine, editing, and translating l took a lot of time, so if you like what I did, then…

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Above is the only screenshot of the game that was provided. The dialogue reads: “Bows are my specialty! Because I always go hunting in the mountains!”


Above are some characters that were designed then went unused. Some seemed to have been labeled with names.idoun1t

Above are two designs, the bottom of which shares the same name of the eventual maiden of darkness in FE6, Idoun. Though their appearances differ greatly! The devs seem to have fun recycling names they like.

That’s all they had on FE64. For more trivia, check out some other posts on this blog, such as how Roy was originally named Ike during design stages! (And how Ike was named Paris, which eventually lead to his descendent named such too…)


6 thoughts on “Fire Emblem 64 Screenshot + Design Work Scans – 25th Anniversary Book

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  5. There seems to be a Ninian look alike next to Renette. Thought I wanted to point that out. It seems Intelligent Systems loves the silly names they come up with for characters.

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