Fire Emblem Direct Thoughts/Impressions [Jan 18 2017]

This portfolio-blog is practically a Fire Emblem blog as well. So here are some brief thoughts and musings I have on the direct that went live today. See it above (that is specifically for North America. I provide Japan and UK below).

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia


ファイアーエムブレムECHOES:もうひとり英雄王 (Fire Emblem Echoes: Another Hero King)

Release: April 20th (Japan), May 19th (NA/UK/EU) on 3DS

I had been iffy about remaking Fire Emblem games, though it’s nothing new, considering Shadow Dragon and Heroes of Light and Shadow are both remakes of older games. It was mostly the new trend in FE games (avatar, marriage, children) that had me worried that it may be forced into previous games, so I was hoping they would shy away from doing this to the older games.

But, so far, this was a pleasant surprise. Poised to be a full-on remake of Fire Emblem: Gaiden. The narration implies that it will be staying true to what made Gaiden what it is.

It was nice seeing a new artist on board, too. The character designs are notably different than Yusuke Kozaki’s art for Awakening and Fates.  

This time we have “Hidari” (meaning left side, or in her case, left handed) which should bring a fresh approach to characters and their looks, even if these characters will be based on previous designs.

So, I hope the children and marriage mechanic is not forced into it, and that it truly is a remake in all forms. Avatar is another issue that should be kept out, considering the focus on the two characters. Even FE12 had an avatar added with mixed response, so let’s see if they learn from that.

It is worth noting that Gaiden featured a lack of weapon durability which Fates followed after. I suppose it is fitting they use similar engines.

Another pleasant surprise is the localization aspect. For once, the NA/PAL release seems to be just about a month after the Japanese one. Usually the wait is 6+ months for NA and sometimes even longer for the PAL regions.

There are mentions of DLC. Some wonder how that may work for a remake of a game, but let’s not forget that Heroes of Light and Shadow (FE12) was a remake that featured DLC episodes to expand on the newer side stories (involving Katarina and co). So that is nothing new. It should be interesting to see what they expand upon in this game!

Two amiibos for the main characters is a nice touch, too! Japan is getting a special edition with the game too, as quoted from Nintendo Everything:

Limited Edition (6,980 yen) (approx. 60 USD)

– Copy of Fire Emblem Echoes
– A Fire Emblem 0 limited card of Alm with drawn illustration
– Download serial to get an extra DLC set that will be available as soon as it’s published
– Sound Selection Echoes: A CD that contains both music from the original Gaiden game in NES and the arranged versions in Echoes

Valentia Complete (10,980 yen) (approx. 100 USD)

– Copy of Fire Emblem Echoes
– A Fire Emblem 0 limited card of Alm with drawn illustration
– A Fire Emblem 0 limited card of Celica with drawn illustration and hologram
– Download serial to get an extra DLC set that will be available as soon as it’s published
– Sound Selection Echoes
– Valentia art book
– Fire Emblem HD Movie Collection Blu-Ray: Collection of HD movies used in the games from Radiant Dawn, Awakening, Fates and Echoes

It’s also interesting to note that there is a special edition that you can get all the bonuses without the game itself, also priced at 6980 yen (~60 USD). I would love to get this mainly to translate the artbook for fans!

All in all, it’s looking good, and the poll I created on twitter so far has most people excited for this one. It makes sense, as we know quite a bit about it now.

Lastly, a remark on the title. If it is Fire Emblem Echoes, does that mean there will be other remakes? “Shadows of Valentia” is a subtitle after all. So it is a point to ponder. If so, what would be next? FE4 is the game that could actually work properly with children, considering it actually had a system that implemented them quite well without being forced, considering the story revolved around it.

Fire Emblem Switch (Working Title)


Release: 2018 on Switch

A lot of people I know wanted a “console” release for the game, so here it is. As they said, a whole new game for the Switch marks Fire Emblem‘s return to the home console. Not much was given beyond that, as it is said to be far away.

FE9/10 were quite wonderful as final console games, so whether or not this will be as epic remains to be seen. I look forward to seeing the character designer and setting for the story, and hope it will be more classical than the recent games have been.

Fire Emblem Warriors


Release: Fall 2017 on Switch and New 3DS

This was announced last week at the Switch conference, and we get a slightly better look at Chrom tearing up a crowd of enemies, as expected of the Warriors series of games.

There was still not much more said about it beyond that, however. Personally, I am not a fan of the Warriors games so cannot comment on it too much. I am familiar with the character selection variety and gameplay as shown in Hyrule Warriors. But the issue comes down to who will get chosen and who will not. After all, there is such a variety in Fire Emblem games when it comes to characters compared to the Zelda games. It will be interesting to see how they tackle this challenge.

Releasing on New 3DS is a fun choice to have, too. It remains to be seen whether there will be differences or not.

I highly recommend checking out “Jedisupersonic’s” view on the matter, as he is both a fan of Fire Emblem and Warriors games. His thoughts lay out what to expect and other things to ponder rather well:

Fire Emblem Heroes


Release: February 2nd Worldwide on Google Play(later on IOS) (Update: IOS same day)

We finally get to see the mobile game, and, as many fans expected (and some feared), it does seem to be a gacha -like game. Collectors like me are in trouble!

It is the nearest to release of announcements that were given, so the most information is available on it. The pre-register is even live today for Google Play.

It seems to have a story to it too, but will likely involve a lot of dimension hopping with how summoning works and all that. Whether the story will be an in-depth one or not remains to be seen.

We already get a glimpse of all sorts of characters appearing in the form of summoned heroes. The three new characters are drawn clearly by Yusuke Kozaki (Awakening and Fates), but it was pleasantly refreshing to see a variety of other artists pitched in to draw all the older heroes. They seem to come with voices too, which may be good and bad depending on if the voices fit what you imagined for each character (Lilina’s english is a little high, isn’t it?)

The gameplay does seem more simplified, and so far seems free. The money will likely come from the micro-transactions involved in collecting all these characters.

Speaking of characters, the main website has several characters already shown with their artwork. Four new characters appear, with series “mascot” Anna as another character who seems to have an important role in the game. It makes sense considering it is a series’ mash-up.

Alfonse, Sharena (seems to be シャロン Sharon in Japanese), Veronica, and “The Mysterious Man” seem to be the new characters to the game. All have designs reminiscent of the latest games in the series, which will probably be appealing to those who are fans of the design/designer.

Alfonse and Sharena seem to lean toward “good” in their descriptions, with Veronica leaning the other way. The Mysterious Man will likely be a wildcard relevant to the story, mostly. Whether it is a character from the past or not is probably part of the mystery.

Marth, Tiki (young), Roy, Lyn, Lucina, Robin (male), and Takumi are some of the others shown (poor FE8 gets shafted here again when it comes to introductions). Though, Eirika is shown on the large display artwork at the top of the website (and shown below on this blog), so I’m sure these are just some introductory characters.

It’s notable that in the trailer, primarily Awakening and Fates characters were shown. Probably due to being the characters a large part of the fanbase (both old and new) would recognize as opposed to older characters.

Voting is currently underway as of this writing. Vote for who you want to see in the game. Take a wild guess who I picked for Day 1.

Lastly, officially localized names are provided for characters who were unclear before. A list will come soon! Curiously, Blazing Sword is now Blazing Blade. I guess it works with Binding Blade … so that’s pretty cool.

So the game should be interesting. It will likely have multiple language options, as the main website itself does and the game sees to a worldwide release. So there is something for everyone in there indeed!

So what are your thoughts on these four games? Hopes? Expectations? Disappointments? I would love to hear your thoughts. I kept mine as brief as I could!

I will keep an eye on the weekly Famitsu to see if any more FE info will be coming along the way and hope to translate those like I used to. Likewise, I will see into raising donations to get a copy of the Special Edition for Echoes in order to translate the design book!

The Japanese Direct:

The UK Direct:


11 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Direct Thoughts/Impressions [Jan 18 2017]

  1. Did you notice that in Warrior’s trailer, they translated Lucina’s Luna into “New Moon”? I wonder whether more liberties in translation will be taken by a team unfamiliar with FE?

    • In the warriors trailer or heroes trailer? Since I don’t even remember seeing her in the warriors trailer…

      Either way I feel like that may happen, sort of like how Lucina’s lines were translated in Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS. xD

  2. Echos: Shadows of Valentia looks to be a really promising game. I am still working my way through the series (since Awakening was my first) and have never played Gaiden, but from what I gathered about the original, Echos seems to be a rather faithful adaptation. Apparently we’ll see a few new characters, but I highly doubt any would be an avatar or children (as fun as they are XD), which is for the best honestly.

    I have no opinion on the Switch one as of right now. They’re not enough information to even get me excited. :/

    As someone who had played Hyrule Warriors, I am absolutely looking forward to Fire Emblem Warriors! Heck, it was the game that made me go “That’s it! I’m getting a Switch!” (Since I’m getting Breath of the Wild for the Wii U.) As much as I love Awakening and Fates, I do hope they branch out to most of the games in the Fire Emblem series, because honestly, the huge roster is part of the series appeal. At the very least include most of the lords!

    Can I say that the chibi overworld sprites in Heroes are just ADORABLE?! X3 I love the game’s art already!
    With the website and poll up, I’m convinced that all the playable Fire Emblem characters will be available, if not on during the initial release then as part of future updates. Regardless, it looks rather fun and will be an epic app for hard-core Fire Emblem fans.

    • Yes, as far as I know, it looks like everyone will be in the game. The votes simply will increase the role/visibility/importance of the winners. I look forward to having the most random characters from the past appear on my team though xD

      Good idea to get Breath of the Wild for the poor Wii U : ) You have plenty of time before FE Warriors. I am on the fence about it. It would be cool to see some characters, but at the same time may not be worth it for me (personal preference of course!) But FE Heroes thankfully seems to be bringing everyone along so will probably make up for whoever doesn’t appear there.

      All in all it’s quite the FE celebration, though the 25th anniversary passed some years ago. Would’ve been fitting, huh? xD

  3. I’ve never played Gaiden, so I’m interested in this remake. I’m curious about the mechanics; the animation and models seem to be based on the Fates engine, but I’m wondering if it’ll have the new things Fates added (like the Casual mode or no weapon durability; there’s probably no pair-up mechanics), or if the gameplay will be more based on Gaiden. I’m hoping it will have some sort of support system though. I don’t need characters to marry, or even have everyone be able to support with everyone. But some level of customized support convos would be nice, to flesh out the characters (esp the more minor ones that have no plot significance). I’m thinking like Path of Radiance style, but not locked to 5 ’cause I’d want to get them all lol.

    I’m also glad it’s a new artist doing the artwork. I personally love Kozaki’s style, but I like having a new artist (and thus new art style) to distinguish this game from Awakening/Fates.

    As for Heroes, I like the idea, but the fact that it’s a micro-transaction game makes me skeptical. It’ll probably be really grindy, which I’m fine with, since I’m used to grinding out support convos haha. But I hope I don’t hit a wall and can’t continue playing without needing to pay…. I’m willing to spend some money on this game, but I also would rather spend a set amount and have that be it (like Mario Run for example). Also this orb summoning a random character makes getting characters you want more difficult. I’m glad that at least you can train them up to be 5-star

    I really love the art though; all new art for every character is awesome, esp since they have multiple poses like during combat or just talking, and even battle damaged art! Also the sprites are really adorable and I want plush versions of them.

    I’m also a bit annoyed that for iOS it’s “coming soon”. Considering Mario Run is still not available for non-iOS and it’s taking them forever, it makes me concerned that it’ll be forever before I could play it…

    • Well, Gaiden is actually where lack of weapon durability came from ^^ It was the only game to feature it before Fates, so it is actually a return to its roots. As such, it will likely remain. Casual mode I’m sure will be there to help ease in the newer players they have too, so not to worry about that. I am all for supports for development as you mentioned them, rather than support everyone and marry anyone. So I agree!

      Yes, I liked what they did before, it was usually a new artist per continent. Kozaki got two (and three I guess with some of Mobile), but it allows those who may not have liked it to enjoy something new (and then for those like you, to still see something new too!)

      I’m worried about that too.. I love doing things to completion and collecting them all, but in this case I may just try to hunt my favorites and stick with them xD I would much prefer the Mario Run style pay once and never again to the micro transactions. Though so far every free to play game I’ve never spent money on, so hope this one does allow you to get through relatively free…

      I agree, the art is wonderful, seeing all these characters in new poses and such! As well as sprites and the like.

      Lucky for you (I updated it on my article too), they announced the IOS one for the same day, so no worries there!

  4. I was a little bit underwhelmed with the direct, it had more than I expected (just thought we’d see some Warriors character reveals+ info on the mobile game) but…with some of the stuff they showed, they might as well just have left that info for another reveal. It’s nice that they are making another console FE, but given there was nothing else told or shown, they could have just waited until they had a trailer or something to show, and the warriors trailer really had little reason to be there given they barely shown any relevant new information besides the N3DS version. The Gaiden remake was definitely the most interesting part, while I admit I was never particularly interested to play Gaiden of all the non-localized games, it’s probably a nice start to maybe see the rest of the series brought over in some way or another, and I’ll still try it out in due time to see if I get I pleasant surprise from playing it. I also enjoyed the change of artist, not because Kozaki is bad, but I think we say enough of what he can bring to the table right now. Crossing fingers they don’t plague echoes with unnecesary stuff like children too.

    • Yes, that sums my thoughts exactly. I am glad Kozaki is gone, it does not make him a bad artist, but I think FE could use something new. His designs were a little off compared to others.

      Totally agreed about the FE Switch. It was like, “Okay, thanks, but why?” xD I guess it’s good to know for sure it’s in the works, but yeah it was a strange reveal in that way.

      Yes, please do without avatars and children!

  5. Fire Emblem Echoes — I also wonder if we’ll see additional remakes under this name. Seeing as FE Heroes will introduce many older characters to a wider audience, it might be the best time to remake a few older games that, frankly, Nintendo will never translate otherwise.

    I’m excited for the game itself. I’ll echo (har har har) your sentiment about the new artist. I’ve grown a little tired of Kozaki’s style, and I’m liking the new artist. It should be interesting what newer features are included. The weapon triangle is assured, but I saw someone on Twitter point out that since the Japanese and translated versions are releasing fairly close, maybe supports won’t be included at all, saving a considerable amount of translation.

    • Indeed, it seems to be a spreading sentiment and not just us about the “Echoes” moniker. That has me both hopeful but also afraid of what is to come. xD

      Yes, the new artist, Hidari, seems pretty promising, so I look forward to her work. Yep, the releases are just about a month off, a new record for sure! So it is likely just story dialogue and such.

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