Fire Emblem Fates: Famitsu Survey Results Translated

FEIFWallpaperThis week’s Famitsu had the results of a survey to fans of FE14 / Fire Emblem Fates / Fire Emblem: if. I translated the results (though not on the page) below! Do you agree with them?

As usual, this is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : ) It certainly helps me keep going!

Q1 Why did you buy FE IF?

  1. 69% – Fan of the series
  2. 11% – Wanted to see story
  3. 9% – Wanted to see characters
  4. 5% – Wanted to see gameplay
  5. 2% – People I know are playing it
  6. 1% – Impulse buy

Q2 What FE games have you played (before this)?

  1. IF – 2304
  2. Awakening – 1971
  3. Blazing Sword – 1069
  4. New Mystery of the Emblem – 1067

Q3 What difficulty and mode did you start on?

  1. 74% – Normal
  2. 23% – Hard
  3. 2% – Lunatic
  • Normal-Phoenix – 244
  • Normal-Casual – 875
  • Normal-Classic – 666
  • Hard-Casual – 153
  • Hard-Classic – 403
  • Lunatic-Casual – 6
  • Lunatic-Classic -50

Q4 Did you change difficulty and mode during play?

  1. 86% – Did not change anything
  2. 8% – Changed mode
  3. 3% – Changed difficulty
  4. 2% – Changed mode and difficulty

Q5 Which scenario did you play first?

  1. 55% -Hoshido
  2. 43% -Nohr
  3. 1% -Invisible Kingdom

Q6 What was the reason for your answer in Q5?

  1. 43% – The characters who become allies
  2. 32% – Difficulty
  3. 23% – Story

Q7 What was your avatar’s gender?

  1. 51% Female (1231)
  2. 49% Male (1174)

Q8 What do you think of Phoenix Mode?

  1. Did not use, so no comment – 1155
  2. Useful for seeing the story [with ease] – 384
  3. Useful for one needs to pause/save during gameplay – 126
  4. Useful when mission is too hard – 112

Q9 What sort of units did you raise?


  • -Favorite Units – 438
  • -Bonus characters from additional maps, content, etc. – 184
  • -Royalty that could utilize the Dragon vein – 113
  • -Used whoever worked out of everyone – 84


  • -Favorite units – 254
  • -Used whoever worked out of everyone – 192
  • -Bonus characters from additional maps, content, etc. – 170
  • -Royalty that could utilize the Dragon vein – 67

Invisible Kingdom

  • -Bonus characters from additional maps, content, etc. – 860
  • -Favorite units – 852
  • -Used whoever worked out of everyone – 580
  • -Royalty that could utilize the Dragon vein – 292

Q10 Who was your favorite character?

  1. Takumi [493]
    • -Like his look and personality (M/20s)
    • -Most influenced character pending on path (M/20s)
    • -Grows on you most from support conversations (F/40s)
  1. Leon / Leo (475)
    • -Though says cold things, a good kid (F/20s)
    • -Liked the pre-release visuals (F/20s)
    • -Cute when acting tough (F/20)
  1. Marx / Xander (396)
    • -Gave most emotional feelings as an older brother in the story (M/30s)
    • -Useful supports and powerful compared to others (M/Teens)
    • -Stronger than everyone with a great personality (M/30s)
  1. Joker / Jakob (293)
    • -Interesting personality and caps (F/20s)
    • -Strong user of both weapons and staff (F/20s)
  1. Camilla (285)
    • -Like a Holy Mother, loved her at first glance (F/20s)
    • -Sexy, best female character (M/30s)
  1. Elise (246)
    • -Useful healer (F/Teens)
    • -Cute and reliable. Fun supports. (F/20s)
  1. Oboro (228)
    • -Love her voice (M/40s)
    • -Appearance and personality cute, love the sort of lance fighter look
  1. Aqua / Azura (197)
    • -Happy for her to support the Avatar (F/20s)
    • -Her singing really helped me (M/30s)
  1. Ryouma / Ryoma (195)
    • -If not for him I would’ve never won (F/40s)
    • -Surprisingly playful (M/Teens)
  1. Odin (176)
    • -Great caps (M/Teens)
    • -Awaking Wonder!!! (M/Teens)

Q11 Who did your Avatar marry?

  1. Aqua / Azura (260)
    • -Supports you no matter the route, it’s fate (M/20s)
    • -Fit the story most, I think (M/Teens)
  1. Joker / Jakob (231)
    • -Liked his supports with the Avatar (M/30s)
    • -A total hottie! (F/20s)
  1. Leon / Leo (180)
    • -A striking character (F/20s)
    • -We see his kind side in the supports (M/30s)
  1. Marx / Xander (145)
    • -I like older characters (F/20s)
    • -Displays different sides to him (F/30s)
  1. Felicia (130)
    • -Very clumsy, but a good girl who supported me all the way (F/20s)
    • -So cute (M/20s)

Q12 What did you think of the marriage system?

  1. 1674 – It was fun making couples
    • -I liked seeing children with different hair colors (M/20s)
    • -I think coupling and supports are a charm of the series (M/20s)
  1. 1192 – It was fun thinking about who inherits what
    • -It was fun forging powerful units (M/30s)
    • -It’s a fun system in raising units as you like
  1. 940 – It was fun having parent and child fight alongside each other
    • – It was interesting hearing the parent and child exchanges in battle (M/30s)
  1. 691 – I preferred FE4 (Genealogy of the Holy War)’s system
    • -So many charming units, some get wasted. Why bother with alternating generations?
    • -The appearance of children felt rather empty (M/20s)
  1. 520 – I like the support system but would be fine without kids
    • -I’m fine with the generation thing, but it takes a lot of time to raise them… (M/30s)
    • -I think it gave the game too many units (M/40s)
    • -I like the system as it is, so want it to be around from now on (M/30s)

Q13 The scene that left an impression?

  • -The scene of jumping into the Infinite Chasm after Touma Chapter 6 (M/20s)
  • -Any scene Aqua sang in (F/30s)
  • -The final chapter of Hoshido, it was incredibly serious. Can’t be described in words (F/20s)
  • -When Aqua calms the rampant Avatar (F/20s)
  • -The scene where the cold Leon breaks down after acting like he hated the Avatar (M/20s)
  • -The route split in Chapter 6, made me wonder what to do (M/30s)
  • -Avatar and Takumi’s S support. I really want to thank my mother Mikoto! (F/20s)
  • -The final chapter of Nohr! <Spoilers so won’t mention it> (F/30s)

Q14 Favorite Class?

  1. True Bow (451)
  2. Trueblade (449)
  3. Maid (382)
  4. Butler (300)
  5. General (278)

Q15 Favorite Skill?

  1. Astra (557)
  2. Lifetaker (291)
  3. Lethality (267)
  4. Easy Life (205)
  5. Servant’s Joy (177)

Q16 When visiting MyCastle, what would you do?

  1. 1516 – Mainly use internet functions
  2. 1149 – Acquire skills from other players
  3. 1026 – Buy special items
  4. 650 – Use StreetPass functionality
  5. 453 – Use the Vendor and Armory
  6. 348 – Use connectivity components
  7. 166 – Recruit other player’s units

Q17 Tell us various regrets/oddities you experienced…

  • -I didn’t use the boots all the way to the end (M/20s)
  • -Harold would miss with 90% accuracy and get critical’d when the enemy only had 1% chance of doing so (M/30s)
  • -I noticed Aqua became my main combat unit (M/30s)
  • -Healers made up my main force (M/Teens)
  • -My units wore funny accessories, so I laughed during serious scenes! (F/20s)
  • -I went to the hot springs when I had nothing else to do (M/20s)
  • -I noticed … the women had better strength and defense [than the men]… (M/30s)
  • -I overlooked enemy archers with counter and lost plenty of allies (M/30s)

Q18 Hopes for future FE installments and messages to the dev team!

  • -Will there be a “fourth scenario” too…? (lol) (M/20s)
  • -The support system is fun, please keep it! (F/Teens)
  • -I hope that future installments have this level of quality! (M/20s)
  • -I hope for more DLC maps and characters (F/20s)
  • -Thank you for this wonderful game. I will play whatever new releases [you make] from now on (F/20s)
  • -I found the net battles interesting, I would be happy if they component reappears (F/20s)
  • -I hope they put effort into the stories for FE from now on! (M/20s)
  • -I had the impression it was a “difficult game,” but that changed. I intend to challenge myself and play the other games in the series (F/20s)
  • -Was very interesting. I think I’ll play the next one too! (F/Teens)

Q19 What score would you give this game overall?

Score: Votes
0-60 175
70 223
80 692
90 1209
100 387

AVERAGE: 86 / 100

There you have it! Here are the original Famitsu scans:





Ank2 Ank3


26 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Fates: Famitsu Survey Results Translated

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  6. Oh wow. Looks like Takumi got #1. Cool. Agreed with that Q12 520. I really like the support and marriage system, I really do, But children was kind of unnecessary this time around. Ah well. So loads of people shipped Aqua/Azura with Corrin/Kamui… Awkward considering their origins. I knew Odin/Owain would get on the top 10. After all… SKYYYWARRD… SHIELD! Harold getting misses with 90% hit rates… The RNG goddess loves messing with people. (I wonder if Anna is secretly related to Palutena, the other trolling goddess) Oh man, I got carried away with my comment again! Anyways, I’m really excited to get this game in 2016!

    • No problem about getting carried away. I enjoy reading them. Yes, that can be some awkward origins there. xD Harold is known for his terrible luck, so guess that figures!

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