Fire Emblem: Famitsu Overall Favorite Character Poll Translated (June 2015)


Last year (2015), Famitsu conducted a poll from June 11th through the 15th. In celebration of the 25th Anniversary for Fire Emblem, they polled readers on various questions about the series as a whole.

UPDATE: Part 2 (page 3 and 4) are up! They deal with fans’ favorite games, class, etc. See it here!

There are four pages of results, two of which I translate today. The other two will be up later! Note for these translations I only translated the results and player opinions, as the rest was general information about the characters/games which fans would already know. All raw pages will be put up after I finish the last two pages! But some lower res scans of the first two pages can be found here and here.

This was conducted before their Fire Emblem Fates poll, which can be viewed here. I do not think Fates characters were included in this poll, as the game was near release.

I purchased the Famitsu volume that included this poll with money received from your kind donations. : ) This is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating by clicking on the “donate” button found on the right side of the page!

Q1: Who is your favorite Fire Emblem series character? (Up to 3)

1st Place – Ike (342 Votes)
Debut: Path of Radiance

Player Opinions:

  • I like his straightforward personality. (Male, 20s)
  • He’s pretty manly, unlike most FE protagonists (Male, 20s)
  • He has amazing stats and charisma. He stands out most among the protagonists. (Male, 20s)
  • I like the fact he is different than the rest of the protagonists, giving us the point of view of a mercenary instead. (Female, 30s)
  • I like his straightforward attitude (Female, 20s)
  • He himself is great –especially when he’s wielding his exclusive weapon: Ragnell! (Male, Teen)
  • He’s reliable, and I just love his dialogue. (Female, 20s)

Which Ike?

Path of Radiance~70%
Radiant Dawn~30%

2nd Marth (271 Votes)
Debut: Dark Dragon & The Sword of Light

Player Opinions:

  • He’s the kindest of all [the characters], and I find his charisma to be attractive. (Female, 20s)
  • He looks the coolest and has a kind personality. He’s the most irresistible lord! (Female, Teen)
  • [Witnessing] his steady growth into a handsome man is his biggest appeal. (Male, 30s)
  • He’s the first protagonist of an FE game that I’ve ever loved. (Female, Teen)
  • This character defines FE itself. (Male, 30s)
  • His charm is being the series’ first protagonist. (Male, 20s)

3rd Lucina (174 Votes)
Debut: Awakening

Player Opinions:

  • I loved her male disguise, as well as the fact she always has her father on her mind. (Female, 20s)
  • I find her strong resolve to change her fate to be her biggest appeal. (Male, 20s)
  • She’s pretty, but I also like how she stands firm and fights to save the world alongside her father. Her desire to protect others is just one of my favorite aspects of her character. (Female, 20s)
  • Was unexpectedly a Royal Heroine! I’m glad they got rid of that mask earlier on. (Male, 30s)
  • Because she’s cool and strong, but above all else, cute! (Male, Teen)
  • She left a big impression on me due to her huge role in the story. I couldn’t watch that scene of her crying in front of her father without breaking down into tears myself! (Female, Teen)
  • The best Heroine. I want more merchandise of her! (Female, 30s)
  • I’m glad that she thinks of her family. A good attitude to have. Also, she’s cute. (Male, 20s)

4th Lyn (153 Votes)
Debut: Blazing Sword*

Player Opinions:

  • She’s pretty as a character, and stylish on the battlefield! (Male, 20s)
  • Lyn is the protagonist I admire most. (Female, 20s)
  • I feel she appeals to me most as a female protagonist. I want to try and talk to her as the strategist again! (Male, 30s)

*TN: Famitsu originally wrote Awakening here for some reason…

5th Robin (125 Votes)
Debut: Awakening

Player Opinions:

  • As an “other self” to me, I could better empathize [with the characters]. (Male, 40s)
  • I liked how they supported the main characters from the shadows. (Female, 20s)
  • I could shape them as I saw fit, and influence the story as a result, such as the different romance options! (Female, Teen)

6th Chrom (92 Votes)
Debut: Awakening

Player Opinions:

  • I fell in love with Chrom and brought Awakening as a result. (Female, 20s)
  • I like how he’s the character that speaks from the heart the most. (Male, Teens)

7th Tiki (85 Votes)
Debut: Dark Dragon & The Sword of Light*

Player Opinions:

  • She’s cute and brave despite the hardships she’s endured. (Male, 30s)
  • She shifts from the form of a little girl to a dragon! That’s an amazing difference! (Male, 30s)
  • She defines “cute”! (Female, 20s)

*TN: Famitsu originally wrote Mystery of the Emblem

8th Hector (80 Votes)
Debut: Blazing Sword

9th Finn (74 Votes)
Debut: Genealogy of the Holy War

10th Ephraim (71 Votes)
Debut: Sacred Stones

Player Opinions on 8th Place and Below:

  • Hector, because he is charismatic and an axe-user. (Male, 20s)
  • Finn! Because he’s just as dependable in Thracia 776! (Male, 30s)
  • I love the kind but curt older brother Ephraim. (Female, 20s)
  • My favorite is Chris, the Avatar who walked alongside Marth. (Female, 20s)
  • Ayra is the most beautiful sword fighter of them all! (Female, 20s)
  • Ogma, because he was the mercenary who could beat anybody hands down back in the day. (Male, 20s)
  • The sweet-toothed Gaius is cute! I particularly like his nimble fingers! (Female, Teen)
  • Tharja is so cute in how she strives to win the protagonist over (Male, 20s)
  • I take my hat off to Roy for having to think and plan so much at just 15 years old (Female, 20s)
  • I have a huge crush on Nephenee despite her accent! (Male, Teen)

Continue to part 2 here.


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    • It’s pretty surprising, but when you think about it, I guess if “hardcore” gamers/FE fans are reading Famitsu, then they would have played it at least, rather than a general Famitsu reader. As a result they would be more familiar with him when voting, and thus could put him at the top.

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