Fire Emblem: Famitsu FE Series Reader Poll Translated (June 2015)


Last year (2015), Famitsu conducted a poll from June 11th through the 15th. In celebration of the 25th Anniversary for Fire Emblem, they polled readers on various questions about the series as a whole.

I translated the first two pages earlier on this post here. They are specifically about characters. These last two pages deal with favorite game, class, weapon, etc. A lot of fun insight from fans back in June 2015.

The raw scans are available upon request. I hope to apply these translations onto the page eventually (which is when I will provide them too)!

Note that this was conducted before Famitsu’s Fire Emblem Fates poll, which can be viewed here.

I purchased the Famitsu volume that included this poll with money received from your kind donations. : ) This is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating by clicking on the “donate” button found on the right side of the page!

Q2. What is your favorite game in the Fire Emblem series? (Up to 3)

1st Awakening (342 Votes)

General Reasons:

  • Characters were appealing
  • Support & Marriage System
  • High re-playability
  • Easy to play (for beginners)

Voter Opinions:

  • I was happy I could really immerse myself as the Avatar. (Male, 20s)
  • My beloved Tiki reappeared in this game. (Male, 20s)
  • It was perfect for someone who isn’t great at Strategy Games like me. (Female, 20s)
  • There were a lot of voice actors I like, as well as a lot of nicely designed characters. (Female, 20s)
  • I was deeply moved by the ending. Being married and having children made me happy. (Male, Teen)
  • I was impressed by how [the game] evolved on 3DS. It made for a pleasant experience. (Female, 20s)
  • There were a lot of new features such as dueling and pair-up mechanics. (Male, Teen)

2nd Blazing Sword (231 Votes)

General Reasons:

  • The three main protagonists
  • The story
  • Good game balance
  • Prequel – a generation before Binding Blade being of great interest to fans

Voter Opinions:

  • The three main protagonists were in an epic story. I enjoyed a nice, long play-through.. (Male, 20s)
  • I liked the entire atmosphere of the game. The combat had good tempo, too. (Female, 20s)
  • It was fun seeing how it all connected to Binding Blade. (Female, 20s)

3rd Genealogy of the Holy War (224 Votes)

General Reasons:

  • The two-generation spanning story
  • Parent-pairing and child system
  • Voters for this game particularly stated loving the large maps

Voter Opinions:

  • I have good memories of pairing units as well as discussing [the game] with friends. (Female, 30s)
  • The altering of generations, world, soundtrack… all of it combined formed this masterpiece. (Male, 30s)
  • [This game has] the most fascinating world out of all those featured in this series. (Male, 30s)

The rest of the results:
4th (Tied) Radiant Dawn (161 Votes)
4th (Tied) Binding Blade (161 Votes)
6th Path of Radiance (154 Votes)
7th Sacred Stones (137 Votes)
8th Mystery of the Emblem (117 Votes)
9th Thracia 776 (100 Votes)
10th New Mystery of the Emblem (92 Votes)
11th Dark Dragon & The Sword of Light (51 Votes)
12th Fates: Birthright & Conquest (45 Votes)*
13th Gaiden (35 Votes)
14th Shadow Dragon (20 Votes)

*TN: This poll was done ten days before Fates was officially released in Japan.

Q3. Favorite class? Why? (Up to 3)

General Observations:
-Usually came down to a combination of “Easy to use” and “they look cool.”


  1. Pegasus Knight (143 Votes)
  2. Sword Master (130 Votes)
  3. Mage (93 Votes)
  4. Lord (88 Votes)
  5. Myrmidon (78 Votes)
  6. Hero (71 Votes)
  7. Wyvern Knight (63 Votes)
  8. Paladin (59 Votes)
  9. Mercenary (52 Votes)
  10. Archer (40 Votes)

Voter Opinions:

  • The Pegasus Knight is known for being an all-female class. (Male, 20s)
  • Swordmasters usually look so cool and are strong. Love them. (Male, Teen)
  • Its always fun seeing the effects of a mage’s magic. (Female, Teen)

Q4. Favorite weapon or tome? (Up to 3)

General Observations:
-Were usually correlated with what people voted as a favorite class
-Story relevant/character exclusive weapons were notable too


  1. Killing Edge (121 Votes)
  2. Forseti (69 Votes)
  3. Ragnell (67 Votes)
  4. Nosferatu (61 Votes)
  5. Excalibur (60 Votes)
  6. Falchion (57 Votes)
  7. Iron Sword (56 Votes)
  8. Javelin (50 Votes)
  9. Thoron (47 Votes)
  10. Brave Sword (42 Votes)

Voter Opinions:

  • The Killing Edge saved me in the direst of situations. (Female, 20s)
  • Forseti was the strongest, boosting stats to compensate! (Male, 30s)
  • With its cool shape and ability to unleash shockwaves, the Ragnell is my favorite! (Male, Teen)

Q5. How many Fire Emblem games have you played?  Also tell us about your play-style and any other quirks you have [when playing].

Titles Played:
13% – 1~2 Titles (103 Votes)
13% – 3~4 Titles (103 Votes)
15% – All of them (115 Votes)
20% – 5~6 Titles (163 Votes)
39% – 7~10 Titles (302 Votes)

3% – Other (29 Votes)
6% – Reset only for favorites (43 Votes)
7% – Continue regardless of who dies (55 Votes)
84% – Restart if any character dies (651 Votes)

View all Endings?
8% – 1 Ending (61 Votes)
9% – Other (74 Votes)
32% – Lean toward special endings (244 Votes)
51% – View all endings (391 Votes)

Q6. What do you feel is the series appeal and prime components? (Multiple answers allowed)

  1. Characters (681 Votes)
  2. Simulation/Strategy (593 Votes)
  3. World/Settings (577 Votes)
  4. Story (518 Votes)
  5. Battling (499 Votes)
  6. Sound/OST (423 Votes)
  7. Clear Bonuses (122 Votes)
  8. Other (61 Votes)

Voter Opinions:

  • It’s all about the “Battle-Daddies.” (Male, 20s)
  • I enjoyed visiting villages and the narration. (Male, 20s)
  • I love every single part of it. (Female, 30s)

Q7. Please tell us which stage(s) left the greatest impression and which scenes were most memorable.

General Observations:
-Answers were very varied. So, they were compiled categorically by which game they fell into.

Top 3:

  1. Awakening (263 Votes)
  2. Genealogy of the Holy War (233 Votes)
  3. Radiant Dawn (177 Votes)

TN: Spoiler warning! <Scenes below may spoil some FE games!>

Voter Opinions:

  • The opening movie in Awakening was beautiful. (Male, 20s)
  • Genealogy of the Holy War, Chapter 5: “Doors of Destiny.” The shock would leave anyone traumatized. (Female, 30s)
  • The scene where the Greil Mercenaries rescue Lucia in Radiant Dawn left a deep impression. (Male, 20s)
  • I always liked interactions between Jaffar and Nino, so I have fond memories of Chapter 26 in Blazing Sword. (Female, 20s)
  • I was moved by the scene with Katarina in the Chapter 16 (gaiden) in New Mystery of the Emblem. (Male, Teen)

Q8. Do you plan to buy Fates? (Any version)

2% Not buying (29 Votes)
7% Buying the digital version (51 Votes)
13% Will decide after reading reviews (99 Votes)
78% Buying a physical copy (612 Votes)

Which Version specifically?
2% The third path after it releases (15 votes)
44% Conquest (330 Votes)
54% Birthright (413 Votes)


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