Fire Emblem if/Fates: Gender-bend Fanart Translations

Today I fulfilled a reader’s request who wanted to see these few (nicely drawn!) genderbend pictures of the two royal families from Fire Emblem Fates.

It was a minor request (not too much text) so I was able to do it pretty quickly.

The original pictures can be found on this artist’s page on pixiv!

FatesGenderbend01 FatesGenderbend02

(I guess the guys are having a harder time adapting to the female character design in the game than the other way around? xD)

Feel free to send in any other silly requests like the above. : )


15 thoughts on “Fire Emblem if/Fates: Gender-bend Fanart Translations

    • Not yet! Still finishing the Fates 4Koma. I have a Thracia 776 one as well I may do, but I guess it makes sense to do FE4 first! Though I have to finish the game to understand the contexts too…

  1. I foresee plenty of lower back pains developing in Princess Ryoma’s future…the perils of bountiful assets…

  2. Oh, so that’s what they’re saying! I saw those pieces around the internet, but had kind of thought they were ‘born the opposite gender’ instead of ‘sudden sex change’ pictures and wondered about the weird outfits.

    M!Hinoka and m!Camilla are great. M!Elise and m!Sakura are even purer shota pandering than they currently are loli pandering (though I love them both to bits). The thought of fem!Xander stuck in the awful female Paladin battle thong has me snickering, but wouldn’t fem!Ryoma replace Hinoka as thighs-nee-chan, given the female Swordmaster outfit, instead of aiming for Camilla-style fanservice? (That top makes me cringe so badly. These pictures, the artist was male, right…?) Fem!Leo looks basically the same, lol. Except–isn’t it a bit early to have an A-cup complex? Lastly, twintails tsundere Takumi is perfect, and the female Archer/Sniper outfit isn’t even that bad in comparison.

    Um, yes. I started with ‘thank you for translating’ and ended up with ‘my thoughts on Rule 63.’ Oops? I’ll quit while I’m ahead…

    • Yes, when I saw them after requesting, I was surprised it was a “sudden sex change” thing and not a “born that way.” Likely for humorous purposes!

      It seems they took some liberties instead of sticking with the way classes are normally dressed, I guess! I found Takumi’s to be most perfect in both humor and design. xD

      You’re most welcome for the translation : ) It was a quick and fun request so was more than happy to do it! And I don’t mind long comments at all!

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