Super Mario Odyssey: Skeleton Suit Description [JPN vs ENG]

Today’s post is another smaller one and looks into the Skeleton Suit in Super Mario Odyssey. It’s part of an ongoing series of comparison from the game both by request and personal curiosity.

One look at the description stirred my curiosity regarding what the description may have been in Japanese, so let’s take a look!

Japanese Lit. Translation Official Localization
説明のつかない 摩訶不思議な変わり服 No explanation. A strange and incredibly mysterious outfit. This skeleton costume uses cutting-edge, er, something to, um… Look, we’re not sure how this works. But it’s cool, right?


So the Japanese as usual is quite straightforward. It is a mysterious suit with no real explanation. The localization takes the “no explanation” to another level by showing that the “sales pitch” really has no idea how it works either despite almost making something else up. It adds the usual humorous tone that is missing in the Japanese, as was expected after observing the patterns seen in the previous comparison posts up until now.

That’s all there is to this one though. Which do you like better?

That’s that!

I will continue to look at fun differences between the versions of sorts of games when I get time!

Any dialogue you’re interested in? Feel free to send in comments or via email!


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