FE RD: Muarim Character Profile (P. 81) Translation

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 2). 

This post features Muarim. The “notes” were partially translated by AstroknighticalFeats of serenesforest.net. I edited them and fixed any translation errors, as well as the profile information.

His Path of Radiance profile can be seen here.

You can find every translation I’ve done on this book so far on the compilation post here!


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Species:      Laguz
Class:        Beast Tribe – Tiger
Affinity:     Thunder
Origin:       Begnion
Apparent Age: 27

A Tiger laguz with the Laguz Emancipation Army, led by Tormod. Tormod was born into a rich merchant’s house that employed many slaves, and Muarim taught him about the Laguz slave trade system. Since then, Muarim has become the “Deputy Chief” of the Laguz Emancipation Army and continues to support Tormod as a sort of big brother figure.
At the request of Begnion’s Empress Sanaki, Tormod and company assist the Daein Liberation Army. Unfortunately, Izuka, the army’s strategist, slipped Muarim the drug that creates “Feral Ones”, causing him to go berserk for a short time. Thanks to Nailah’s efforts and Heron Prince Rafiel’s Galdr of Rebirth, he was able to regain his sanity, but was bedridden for a time due to the terrible toll the release took on his body. A rift formed between them and the Liberation Army due to these events, with Tormod withdrawing from their ranks with his company after the Liberation of Nevassa, the capital city of Daein.
His time as a slave made him keenly observant, and with his talks with Micaiah, informed her of what he knew regarding who she was – that the mark on her hand meant she was a “Branded” – the mark of a beorc with laguz ancestry.


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