Fire Emblem RD: Tellius Recollection Vol. 2 Scan/Translation Compilation Post


This post is an ongoing compilation of all my Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 2) related posts in one neat place. Each section you see below has an individual post, too, which may share translation notes and other tidbits not present on this post.

This will be just like the Volume 1 project.

Unlike last time however, thanks to donations, I managed to unbind the book. The scan qualities will be highest, cleanest, and in PNG format. In this thread, however, they will remain JPEG (simply to save cloud space). The final RAR will have the high quality PNGs (and they will be available by request).

It will be updated every time some new scan or information of interest comes to light.

Assisting me on this project (may be) the wonderful users Microwaveit, AstroknighticalFeats and VincentASM of Their translations will be noted/credited!

As you can imagine, the process of doing all this (scanning, editing, translating, etc) takes a lot of free time, and I currently lack a source of income, so…

Please consider donating! It helps fund future projects!

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Table of Contents (From the Book):

Chapter I: World & Story

Chapter II: Characters

Chapter III: Concept Art

Chapter IV: Scenario

Chapter V: Extras

Note that Chapters 2, 3, and 5 are the ones that will likely be translated.

For full resolution, simply right click and “View Image.”

Front & Back Cover:



Chapter II: Characters

All Character Ages

New Character Personal Data

Unused portraits of Elena and Ashera

From Fire Emblem Heroes website:

40-41 Character Relationship Chart (Translated by VincentASM)

(042) Micaiah

(044) Edward


(045) Leonardo

(046) Nolan

(047) Laura

(048) Aran

(051) Fiona

(056) Pelleas


(069) Meg

(071) Heather

(074) Sanaki

(082) Vika

(085) Hetzel and Oliver

(092) Gatrie

(097) Mia

(099) Caineghis

(100) Skrimir

(101) Giffca

(106) Mordecai

(115) Nailah

(119) Gareth

Chapter III: Concept Art

140-141 Micaiah and Sothe

142-145 Sothe and Edward


144-145 Edward and Leonardo


146-147 Nolan and Laura

148-149 Aran and Tauroneo

150-151 Zihark and Fiona

152-153 Jill and Haar

154-155 Haar, the Black Knight, Izuka, Pelleas

156-157 Pelleas, Elincia, Geoffrey

158-159 Geoffrey and Lucia

160-161 Bastian and Ilyana

162-163 Kieran and Makalov

164-165 Marcia and Astrid

166-167 Meg and Brom

168-169 Nephenee and Heather

170-171 Calill and Danved

172-173 Sanaki, Sephiran, Zelgius, and Sigrun

174-175 Sigrun and Tanith

176-177 Stefan, Tormod, and Muarim

178-179 Muarim, Vika, Oliver, and Lekain

180-181 Hetzel, Valtome, and Ike

182-183 Mist and Titania

184-185 Soren and Rhys

186-187 Gatrie and Shinon

188-189 Oscar and Boyd

190-191 Rolf and Mia

192-193 Volke, Caineghis, and Skrimir

194-195 Giffca, Ranulf, and Kyza

196-197 Lyre, Lethe, and Mordecai

198-199 Tibarn, Janaff, Ulki, Naesala, and Nealuchi

200-201 Heron Siblings and King Lorazieh


202-203 Nailah and Volug

204-205 Dheginsea and Kurthnaga

206-207 Gareth and Ena

208-209 Nasir, Ashera, and Yune

210-211 CGI Cutscene Character Head Designs

212-213 Horses and Dragons Concept Art

214-215 Pegasus and Basic Unit Designs (1)

216-217 Basic Unit Designs (2)

Chapter V: Extras

246-247 Covert Art Illustrations

248-249 Book Cover Illustrations + Senri Kita Commentary

 250-251 Original Face Designs:



76 thoughts on “Fire Emblem RD: Tellius Recollection Vol. 2 Scan/Translation Compilation Post

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    • Hi there! There’s a few more concept art pages to do, then I’ll be back to doing profiles. Ike has a longer profile, but I’ll definitely be getting to him earlier than later as he’s in popular demand. : )

  2. Is it possible to get a higher quality, or bigger version of the Hatary crest/symbol? There’s one on Nailah’s page but it’s really quite tiny…

    • Unfortunately that’s the only one there is. I could manually enlarge it, but that would still be in fuzzier quality… but if you think someone could digitally edit it to look more defined again, I can happily pass it onto you.

  3. If there’s any information on Lehran, profile or concept artwork, I would love to see it. Same goes for Mist! 🙂 I love them both a lot.

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  6. On your twitter it says that Nailah’s profile “confirms” she is romantically involved with Rafiel, but I’m not seeing that. . . . Is it the bit about the “vows”? Or referring to him as “beloved”? Were the terms less ambiguous in Japanese?

    • Vows and beloved I made more ambiguous in English to line up better with the English version without changing the original Japanese meaning. But on the relationship chart in the book, they are referred to directly as husband/wife/romantic partners, and throughout the Japanese version she uses the term used for partner (beyond companion) too.

    • Yep I have it zipped already : ) Okay if you won’t redistribute it anywhere, then please send me an email (under contact) and I will send you the link!

  7. Hello! I love the work you’re doing, and I really appreciate it! c:
    Is there any more information on Fiona or Heather? I really love them but they’re so underrated. :’c

  8. Could we get Lethe and Nephenee pages, please? And though I doubt there’s much info, Ohma would be nice. also the lances page if this book has it like the last one did?

    This is such a great source of information, thank you all for your hard work!

    • Ohma or Lances don’t have pages unfortunately. I’ll add Lethe and Nephenee to the list, though!

      You’re welcome! Thank you for the kind words. : ) Feel free to donate if you like what I’m doing here, though of course that’s not an obligation!

  9. Hey! I know this is the most typical request, but I’d like to request the Ike portrait & bio if you don’t mind. Also Soren and Micaiah would be spectacular when you get the chance! 🙂

    • No problem if it’s typical! I added your priorities to the list, and so that boosted Micaiah quite a bit (she was tied with another few, now she’s just behind two people). Thanks!

      • I didn’t know Edward was so popular! Who else is on the top of your list? haha and I know Ike is the main guy so I expected you got quite a few requests for him right?

        • Funny enough, you’re the first person to request Ike. xD (I guess because people want to know more about the side characters).

          So next seems to be Pelleas, followed by Oliver (xD) then Mia, with Micaiah right after her. : ) That is still ongoing though, if more people were to say, request Micaiah tonight then I would get to her after Pelleas, etc.

          • Oh interesting! I had no idea I figured everyone would want to know Ike in case there is extra info or whatnot. I am also super curious about Soren and Oh! Sephiran! I forgot about him too!

            • Added Sephiran too! Rest assured, when priorities run out I just go by what I think would be most interesting to fans too. xD And of course will eventually cover the whole book!

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