Fire Emblem PoR: Tellius Recollection Scan/Translation Compilation Post

Tellis recollection 1

UPDATE: This project is complete! All profiles, concept art, history, and other tidbits have been translated. Support conversations and story summary are the only sections left alone as they will likely offer no new information and can already be found in the game.

A link to the bulk download and imgur gallery can be found below!

To view the project relating to translating the sequel to this book, go here!

Original Post:

This post is a compilation of all my Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 1) related posts in one neat place. Each section you see below has an individual post, too, which may share translation notes and other tidbits not present on this post.

It will be updated every time some new scan or information of interest comes to light.

Assisting me on this project are the wonderful users Microwaveit, AstroknighticalFeats and VincentASM of Their translations will be noted/credited!

Download this project in bulk from here. (Password: kantopia)

Or see it all in one imgur gallery here.

This post is ongoing! I’m going through a painstaking scanning process, so please look forward to more!

Table of Contents (From the Book):

002 Introduction
004 Contents
006 Chapter I: World & Story
008 The Continent of Tellius & Its History
010 The Countries of Tellius & Their Might
012 Path of Radiance Story Digest
013 Playback: Memories
015 Playback: Greil’s Final Moments
019 Playback: Goldoa’s Prince
021 Playback: Meeting at Goldoa
023 Playback: The Forest Restored
025 Playback: Tragedy of the Medallion
027 Playback: Elincia’s Resolve
029 Playback: Darkness at Gritnea
030 Playback: Showdown
033 Playback: Crimea Rallies
034 Playback: The Mad King Advances
037 Playback: The Bonds that Formed
038 The Crimean Liberation Army’s Route

040 Chapter II: Characters
042 Character Relationship Chart
044 Main Character Profiles
112 Character List

128 Chapter III: Concept Art
130 Character Model Sheets
162 Height Comparisons
164 Horses & Dragons
166 Class Designs
170 Weapon Designs
178 Image Boards (Backgrounds)
182 Battle Animations

186 Chapter IV: Relationships
188 Support Conversation Compilation

242 Chapter V: Extras
244 Line Arts
248 Box Art Designs
250 Cover Illustrations
252 Staff Room
254 Life Returns (Lyrics)

Note that Chapters 2, 3, and 5 are the ones that will likely be translated.

Front & Back Cover Art



Table of Contents


Chapter I Content

(Page 08): History (Translated by VincentASM)


(Page 09): Timeline (Translated by VincentASM)


(Page 10): Beorc History (Translated by VincentASM)

010beorchistory(Page 11) Laguz History (Translated by VincentASM)


(Page 11): The Life Span of Beorc & Laguz (Translated by Microwaveit)

“The goddess Ashura created beorc and laguz. Since they were made in the Goddess’ likeness, their outward appearances (with, of course, some differences) were rather similar. However, the life expectancy between the races was quite different. Members of the Dragon tribe live exceptionally long, and even the Beast tribe, which has the closest life expectancy to the beorcs, has three times the average life expectancy. Beneath is a chart that was created by the noble families of Begnion, which we can look at for reference.

According to the chart, for each beorc year that a beast or bird laguz appears to be, they have actually aged the equivalent of three. If they look to be twenty, they have lived about sixty years. Among the bird tribes, the herons live the longest. The power of the honorable dragon tribes can be understood just from their extremely long life span. As they live 17 to 18 times as long as humans, their idea of history and confrontation is understandably very different.

Children who are born between a beorc and laguz, commonly referred to as the branded, are also contained in the chart. According to what is written, even a mix with a powerful dragon will live only 3 times as long as beorc on average. If beorc and laguz become closer and mix from here on out, we can predict that the lifespan of the branded will become closer and closer to that of beorc. Will a day like that come? We can’t be sure.”

Race Outward Appearance Average Life Expectancy
Beorc 1 60
Lion 3 180
Tiger 3.2 192
Cat 3.4 204
Hawk 3.45 207
Raven 3.5 210
Heron 5 300
Red Dragon 16.7 1002
Black Dragon 17 1020
White Dragon 17.5 1050
Half Black Dragon 3.33 185
Half Lion 1.2 94
Half Tiger 1.02 65

Chapter II Content

Notes on Character Profiles:

Below is straight from the book describing the format of profiles. Most important to note are the distinction they draw between information from the design documents versus the final product.

Main Character Commentary

From page 44 to 109, we compiled 66 of the main character illustrations and profile commentaries. All illustrations were done by Senri Kita based on the characters that were designed for the game.


Character commentary/explanations. The content contains information that covers up until the end of the Mad King’s War. Things like origin, family structure, and personal history are included.

A lot of the characters reappear in Radiant Dawn, and so have backgrounds that were unknown in Path of Radiance. Details like that will remain hidden for Tellius Recollection Volume 1, and be expanded upon in Volume 2.

Personal Data

The top block contains “Race/Class/Affinity/Origin.” This is information that can be found in game. Character ages that had been confirmed (at the start of Path of Radiance) are also noted. “Apparent Designed Ages” are ages that were noted in design documents as a rough approximation of how old a character appears, but are by no means an absolute age for the character.

The bottom block contains “Hobby/Talent/Finds Important/Likes/Dislikes” of a character. These are all taken from design documents of the characters themselves. As such, they may contain information that is not really in the main game itself, or include slight differences [from the final product]. Do not assume the profiles to be absolute, either. It is more that we wished to capture a broad “essence” of a character [rather than set it in stone]. For example, in Ike’s case, he may love meat, but there could be days where he wants to eat fish too. Likewise, though his father is dear family to him, there are times where he may disagree or feel frustrated by him.


Memorable lines from characters. Selections are generally lines from the main story, rather than focusing on support conversations.

Character Ages:

All the character ages listed in their profiles have been compiled and listed on a post here. Their full profiles (ages included) will come later on!

Character Profiles:

All character personal data (hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc) can be found on a post here.

Ike (P. 44)


Mist (P. 45)


Titania (P.46)


Soren (P.47)


Oscar (P.48)


Boyd (P.49)


Gatrie (P. 50)

050GatrieShinon (P. 51)

051shinonRhys (P. 52)

052rhysRolf (P. 53)

053rolfGreil (P. 54)


Elena (P. 55)


Hero Ike & Princess Elincia (P. 56-57)


Elincia (P. 58-59)


Geoffrey (P. 60)


Lucia (P. 61)


Bastian (P. 62)


Renning (P. 63)


Mia (P. 64)


Kieran (P. 65)

065KieranBrom (P. 66)


Nephenee (P. 67)


Caineghis (P. 68)


Giffca (P. 69)


Lethe (P. 70)


Mordecai (P. 71)


Ranulf (P. 72)


Tibarn (P. 73)

073tibarnUlki (P. 74)


Janaff (P.75)


Reyson (P. 76)


Leanne (P. 77)


Naesala (P. 78)


Nealuchi (P. 79)


Dheginsea (P. 80)


Kurthnaga (P. 81)


Rajaion (P. 82)


Ena (P. 83)

083enaNasir (P. 84)


Gareth (P. 85)


Sanaki (P. 86)


Sigrun (P. 87)


Sephiran (P. 88)


Zelgius (P. 89)

089ZelgiusTanith (P. 90)


Marcia (P. 91)


Astrid (P. 92)


Makalov (P. 93)


Tormod (P. 94)


Muarim (P. 95)


Ashnard (P. 96-97)


Black Knight (P. 98)


Petrine (P. 99)


Bertram (P. 100)


Tauroneo (P. 101)


Jill (P. 102)


Haar (P. 103)


Ilyana (P. 104)


Volke (P. 105)


Zihark (P. 106)


Sothe (P. 107)

107SotheStefan (P. 108)

108StefanDevdan (P. 109)


Calill (P. 110)


Largo (P. 111)


Character Portraits (Pages 112-127)



114portrait 115portrait




119portrait 120portrait

 121portrait 122portrait 123portrait 124portrait 125portrait 126portrait 127portrait

Unused Portraits

A quick image of the portraits marked “unused” above that I compiled and translated:


Chapter III Content

Concept Art Pages:

Ike (130-131)


Mist, Elena, & Greil (132-133)


Titania (134-135)

134-135Soren (136-137)


Oscar, Boyd, Gatrie & Shinon (138-139)


Rhys, Rolf, & Elincia (140-141)


Elincia, Geoffrey, & Lucia (142-143)


Mia & Nephenee (144-145)


Caineghis, Ranulf, Lethe & Mordecai (146-147)


Dheginsea, Kurthanaga, & Dragons (148-149)


Ena, Gareth, Rajaion, & Tibarn (150-151)


Reyson, Leanne, Naesala, & Nealuchi (152-153)


Sanaki, Zelgius, & Sephiran (154-155)


Sigrun, Tanith, & Marcia (156-157)


Ashnard & the Black Knight (158-159)


Ilyana, Stefan, & Calill (160-161)


Height Comparisons (Page 162-163) (Translated by Microwaveit)


Horses & Wyverns (164-165)


Basic Class Designs (166-167)


Basic Class Designs (168-169)

168-169Swords (P. 170-171)


Axes & Knives (P. 172-173)


Lances (P. 174-175)


Bows (P. 176)


Magic Tomes & Magic in Tellius (P. 177)


Beorc Landscapes (178-179) (Translated by VincentASM)


Laguz Landscapes (180-181) (Translated by VincentASM)


Battle Animation Sketches (1) (P. 182-183)


Battle Animation Sketches (2) (P. 184-185)


Chapter V Content

Box Art Designs (248-249)


Event Sketches (P. 244-245)

(Right click “view image” for full resolution)

Opening Movie Sketches (P. 246-247)

(Right click “view image” for full resolution)

Cover Art + Senri Kita Commentary (P. 250-251)



Developer Commentary (252-253)



95 thoughts on “Fire Emblem PoR: Tellius Recollection Scan/Translation Compilation Post

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  7. Great work.

    Does the Myrmidon concept art really say the uniform can also be used by Fighter Units? Odd, maybe they were going for a Thracia 776 style look for fighters.

    I’m still surprised there’s no Warrior concept artwork as their design in Path of Radiance is pretty unique.

    • Yep! It does indeed. If you look at Boyd’s outfit and the like. Considering Fighters are axe-fighters and Myrmidons sword-fighters (and how Cavaliers in this game are separated by their weapon too), it makes sense.

      That is rather surprising too… there was a lot more they could have shown this book, perhaps we will see in the follow up?

      • Come to think of it, Archers wear pretty much the same uniform in POR.

        That reminds me, did you see the early shots of Path of Radiance?

        In those screenshots, there was a Lance infantry unit with the same uniform as Fighters/Myrmidons/Archers. I was thinking it was a placeholder, but maybe at one point that really was the design Soldiers were going to have?

  8. I wish I have a paypal account to donate for your holy cause! Will all of these be mirrored in imgurl album? (including the Japanese original scan, in case you have the time?)

    • If you use the donate button on the right of the home page, I think you can donate even without PayPal : )

      Yea, when it is complete I will put them all on an imgur album : ) both original and translations hopefully!

      • No problem! I think this is really cool what you are doing and I bet it takes a while. I have the book myself and was wondering, how exactly do you translate? 🙂

        • Thank you! Yes, it does take a little while, especially because I like to put the translations back onto the pages afterward.: )

          A rough procedure I do:
          -Scan the page
          -Clean it
          -Type a transcript (for reference purposes, but also for easing the translation).
          -Start translating something literally, looking up any terms that aren’t recognizable in dictionaries.
          -Edit translation to make it flow better (less literal, more natural)
          -Double check translation and see if the more natural flow changes the meaning significantly or not.
          -Run it through spellchecker.
          -Typeset back onto page, following a standard font format.
          -Upload to individual page and main post.

          A lot of work does go into it, I am really happy people enjoy and make use of the final product though : ) Thank you for purchasing the book and supporting the authors too!

          • Yeah, this is like my favorite game of all time. I like Ike! haha his personality is a lot like mine kinda and I just love the storyline in his games. It was so awesome to know there would be a book of secrets from that game released over 10 years ago! and I appreciate so much that you are taking the time to translate for those who aren’t so great at translating at all 🙂 I know I tried and it is hard, but I took a different route, I attempted to learn Japanese to translate and I am still trying. Where do you find the time to do this? Also just curious but how old are you and what is your connection to this game? 🙂

            • Some information I try not to disclose in public too much : ) so I can answer your questions regarding age and the like if you email me at the address found on the contact page!

              I am really glad, again, that you enjoy these translations. If you can relate to Ike, then that probably makes you a good person. Hahaha. I am a long-time fan of this series, and played this game upon release. It was really awesome to see stuff on it again 10 years later, with the smallest tidbits revealing new info!

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  10. Can’t wait to see Renning, Ilyana, Nephenee, Lara, Vika, Volug, Tibarn, Oliver and everyone else~

    Keep up the good work. I enjoyed it so far~

    • Glad you’re enjoying! Lara, Vika, Volug, and Oliver probably won’t appear until the next book for Radiant Dawn… but when they do of course we’ll be translating them : )

      • Yeah, like . . . I wanted to hear about what Mia’s life and family was like growing up, and how Brom met his wife . . . I want to know about Caineghis’ siblings (since he must have at least one since he’s someone’s uncle!) and why they never appear (are they dead?! How did they die?! How did he cope and move on?), how Petrine and Stefan learned about their Brands, the names of Leanne and Reyson’s other brothers and sisters and what their family was like before the massacre, why Lucia and Geoffrey are so close to Elincia but barely interact with each other . . . like I want to know these things. Oh well, I guess there’s always my imagination.

  11. I don’t think the aging chart is the way it works in the final product. I’ve noticed two major contradictions with in-game dialogue.

    The first is that Kurthnaga is stated to be slightly over a century old, but according to the chart, he should be almost three times that.

    The second is that the part about the branded aging greatly contradicts the final support between Soren and Stefan. Stefan describes the slowed aging as something that ALL branded go through, and as the reason why they can’t stay among beorc for long periods of time. It seemed pretty clear to me that he was speaking from bitter experience, but according to that chart, it shouldn’t be an issue for half-lions like Stefan at all.

    The best explanation I can think of to reconcile the contradictions is that Soan and Dheginsea had their lifespans artificially lengthened like Lehran obviously did, and that in all three cases it affected any descendents with Laguz blood, but Stefan never gives any indication that he thinks he is different from other branded in that respect. Granted, he might not know what clan he is descended from, but this is still coming up with too many extra explanations.

    • Yeah, some other things throughout the book (such as certain character “origins” and the like) contradict the final product. I believe this may have to do with what was designed/originally planned versus what they went with in the end. : ) Or, the chart is for the (average) lifespan and it may differ on a case-by-case basis, I guess! Maybe volume 2 will shed some light on it.

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    • Yep! They both exist. I’ve been requested to do Zelgius already, though it’ll probably only be his FE9 profile. I’ll hopefully get to him after Mordecai and a few other design artworks.

  13. Hi, I’d like to ask for permission to have some of these concept arts uploaded to the FE Wikia (with credits included of course). May I?

  14. Also, it’s kinda surprising that Lethe’s rant to Jill was entirely true, and that the apostle and Senate were equally in cahoots at the time.

  15. It’s surprising that cats live longer than lions and tigers on average, and lions live the shortest. Also, why do black dragons live shorter than white dragons?

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  17. Can you do the profiles for one of the birds next? (Maybe Reyson or Janaff?) Thank you so much for translating, it helps a lot for cosplay!

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