FE Echoes SOV Memorial Book: Valentia Accordion Scan/Translation Compilation Post


This post is a compilation of all my Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Memorial Book: Valentia Accordion related posts in one neat place. Each section you see below has an individual post, too, which may share translation notes and other tidbits not present on this post.

This will be just like the Tellius Recollection Volume One and Two projects.

Thanks to your donations, I managed to unbind the book. You will notice an increase in scan quality as a result!

This post will be updated every time some new scan or information of interest comes to light.

Assisting me on this project will be VincentASM of serenesforest.net as well as some guest translators! Their translations will be noted/credited! (See credits at the end!) Some other wonderful people are helping out with other things such as scan quality adjustment. Please be sure to thank them in the credits!

As you can imagine, the process of doing all this (scanning, editing, translating, etc) took a lot of free time, so…

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Table of Contents

Chapter I: Visual Gallery

Chapter II: World & Story

Chapter III: Character Archive

Chapter IV: Concept Art

Chapter V: Extras

For full resolution on images, simply right click and “View Image.”

Chapter I: Visual Gallery

All character artworks by Hidari found on this post.

Chapter II: World & Story

Full Valentia Revelations (1-40) (as translated by Vincent ASM)

Book of Valentian Revelations

To those who seek the truth of the Valentian gods, we impart this Book of Revelations to you.

Chapter 1
We are the Servants, borne from our master’s will, watching over this continent alongside our master.

Chapter 2
Brother Duma and sister Mila: both Old Folk, and known as divine dragons in the land beyond.

Chapter 3
Long ago, the Old Folk created a kingdom in the land beyond.

Chapter 4
The Old Folk, led by the ruler of the divine dragons, ushered in an age of prosperity.

Chapter 5
Duma protected the dragons’ ruler with his military might, gaining her favour; he was called the Kingshield.

Chapter 6
Mila blessed the land with her magic, paving prosperity for the Old Folk; she was called the Kingsgrail.

Chapter 7
The Old Folk bestowed many gifts to the New Folk who were young of the world.

Chapter 8
These gifts included knowledge of fire, iron, alcohol and sorcery.

Chapter 9
The New Folk rapidly advanced thanks to the Old Folk’s wisdom. Eventually, they constructed an extravagant city known as Thabes.

Chapter 10
Fearing that the New Folk had amassed too much power, Duma sent soldiers into Thabes.

Chapter 11
After 3 long days of battle, the city of Thabes was obliterated and the survivors fled the ruined land.

Chapter 12
The ruler of the divine dragons, in her great anger, exacted harsh judgement on Duma.

Chapter 13
Duma clashed violently with the ruler of the divine dragons.

Chapter 14
Mila joined Duma’s side and the two stood valiantly against the ruler’s army.

Chapter 15
The earth split, the seas parted, and the heavens themselves threatened to come tumbling down. The battle transcended any that history had yet know.

Chapter 16
Duma and Mila were no match for the ruler’s forces and surrendered after 9 terrible days of battle.

Chapter 17
During the colossal battle, some of the ruler’s fangs splintered and scattered across the realm.

Chapter 18
By the ruler’s decree, Mila and Duma were banished from the land beyond.

Chapter 19
The ruler of the divine dragons was merciful, so before Duma departed, she gave him one of her own fangs, the Kingsfang.

Chapter 20
Falchion was the name given to the blade carved from the Kingsfang. It was a sword of beginnings, an incarnation of the ruler herself.

Chapter 21
Those who carry the divine dragon’s blood and bear her mark can draw out the Kingsfang’s true strength and manifest their royal power.

Chapter 22
After being exiled, Duma and Mila traveled across the ocean for 7 days before finally alighting here on this continent.
(There is an official version, but this version is slightly different.)

Chapter 23
Duma and Mila chased their ideals on this continent that they now called home.

Chapter 24
Despite being scarred by battle, Duma’s rage had not subsided and he desired revenge against the dragons’ ruler.

Chapter 25
Duma ordered his people to erect an oppressive tower atop a mountain facing the land beyond, to which Mila approved.

Chapter 26
Here in our land, Duma sought power to surpass all others, whilst Mila sought peace and love. Their paths diverged, never to meet again.

Chapter 27
Though Duma’s ideals were originally driven by revenge, he also put his people into consideration.

Chapter 28
Duma with his unquenchable lust for battle clashed with Mila who stood in opposition.

Chapter 29
A war broke out that sundered land and sky; no living thing was safe. The peals of thunder rang like an elegy sung by Mila herself.

Chapter 30
But despite clash after heated clash, not once did Duma turn the Kingsfang upon his sister.

Chapter 31
Countless seasons passed and the war showed no signs of end.

Chapter 32
At the end of an arduous battle, Duma and Mila had exhausted their strength.

Chapter 33
Together, Duma and Mila formed a Divine Accord. Thereafter, they vowed never to cross into each other’s domain.

Chapter 34
One day, interlopers from the ocean threatened the people of this continent.

Chapter 35
Duma and Mila became the peoples’ pillar, while they resisted against the foreign threat.

Chapter 36
The fighter Rigel from Duma’s domain and the hero Zofia from Mila’s domain were chosen for their brilliant exploits.

Chapter 37
Duma and Mila bequeathed their divine blood to the two champions, and brought prosperity to their respective nations.

Chapter 38
And so, this continent embraced a long-lasting era of peace.

Chapter 39
One day, Duma and Mila are fated to descend into madness. When that day comes, an era shrouded by darkness shall befall this continent.

Chapter 40
From the moment we were borne, we witnesses of history shall guide the lost, so you may bathe in a thousand years of prosperity.

Chapter III: Character Archive

Every single full-body portrait in the game (includes enemies/monsters/civilians/etc)

090 Alm

091 Celica

092 Gray and Tobin

093 Kliff and Faye

094 Lukas and Mathilda

095 Clive and Clair

096 Python and Forsyth

097 Silque and Mycen

098 Delthea and Luthier

099 Zeke and Tatiana

100 Boey and Mae

101 Genny and Saber

102 Valbar and Kamui

103 Leon and Atlas

104 Palla and Catria

105 Est and Jesse

106 Sonya and Deen

107 Nomah and Conrad

110 Desaix, Barth, and Garth

112 Blake, Zakson, Lawson, Gazelle

115 Dolth and Nuibaba


116 Jedah, Hestia, and Marla

117 Massena and Rudolf

118 Berkut

119 Rinea

120 Mila

121 Duma

124 Emma and Randal

125 Yuzu and Shade

126-133 Enemy Units

134-135 NPC/Other

138-142 Monsters/Terrors

143 The Creation

Chapter IV: Concept Art

146-147 Alm and Celica

148-149 Celica, Mycen, and Gray

150-151 Tobin, Kliff, Silque, Faye, and Clive

152-153 Clair, Python, Forsyth, Mae, Zeke, Tatiana

154-155 Mathilda, Boey, Genny, Jesse, Leon, Luthier, Delthea, and Atlas

156-157 Saber, Nomah, Kamui, Deen, Palla, Catria, Est, Sonya

158-159 Conrad, Berkut, and Rinea

160-161 Fernand, Jedah, Rudolf, and Mila

162 NPCs/Antagonists (Desaix, Slayde, Nuibaba, etc)

163 NPCs/Antagonists (Duma, Liprica etc)

174-175 Duma and Mila Dragon Forms, Other Monsters

Chapter V: Extra

Official Valentia Timeline [Translated by VincentASM]

An official timeline that also shows Archanea’s timeline alongside it for reference. Some interesting trivia!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight


See text transcript on serenesforest.net

Secrets of Thabes Labyrinth [Translated by VincentASM]

Expands upon Thabes Labyrinth with lore not found in the game. See text transcript on individual post here.

Song Lyrics

There are Japanese (not Latin) song lyric translations in the extras section of book. Credits go to Ree (@mystletainn on tumblr, or @theogcamus on twitter) for these two translations thus far (more to come):

Pride and Arrogance

Proud noble
The blood of kings
A noble heart
to lead the people

His military prowess is well-known

Soar through a sky of diluted black
A jet black eagle

The legitimate
Successor of the crown

Heed him!
Praise him!

Rigel’s black prince

Prince of Darkness


Pride     (Proud)
Noble     (Lineage)
Nobility     (Spirit)
Ambition     (Embraced)
Jet black eagle

The legitimate
King of lions

That shakes Rigel
Be envious,
Those who look upon him

Lord of a Dead Empire

Great Duma
Our god of war!
Glory has become a thing of bygone days
That pride will be buried

Great Duma
Powerful god!
How you have degenerated
Do you wish for the capability to fear death?

My son, Albein!
People of Rigel!
People of Valentia!

My son, Albein!
People of Rigel!
People of Valentia!

Grief and sadness both
Will now
Come to an end
I will become your demon

The age of gods is over
The people must walk from the water
And walk away from the end of the promise that was made

I gladly turn myself over to the flames
I do not regret the foundation of this new world

The Price of Power / Blind Reward

Desire! (Power that won’t abandon)

Desire! (Power that is absolute)

More power (Power that surrenders the life of another)

It is for the day that he may return to his other

If he is to conquer with me

Children of Fate

Carving a place for themselves, this is the mutual wish
of the children of fate, but their paths diverge

They are the faces of Arcadia, the sea of stars is far away
Broken vows, an illusion of distant days

Many seasons come to pass
Tears fill the sky, sadness of the earth

Growing ever more apart, the two kingdoms
Chased those distant lands, to the dreams of gods

To seize the end of this long battle,
Love for the boy, strength for the girl

The boy and girl set off, set off for trials
Await the end of their journey, believe in a reunion

Functional Height Chart

All the characters in this game in line from shortest to tallest! Check out the explanation on mystletainn’s tumblr.


Various artworks of Celica

One | Two | Three | Four


A big thank you to those who assisted me on this project!

  • VincentASM of serenesforest.net / @Aveyn_Knight
    • Translations, coordination, history pages/timeline/Thabes lore/and many profiles!
  • Zebra/@Zezecakes
    • Provided some profile translations and good guidance as to which profiles to prioritize!
  • @umbran_sisters
    • Provided some profile translations!
  • Ree @theogcamus (twitter) mystletainn (tumblr)
    • Granted permission to use her profile translations and song lyric translations! Helped with plenty of other profiles among other things!
    • Translations on some of the profiles!
    • Translations on some of the profiles!
  • umikin
    • Cleaned up the scans and greatly improved quality of the raws, reflecting the true color. A task that is harder than it sounds! They were a huge help.
  • Those who donated (remain anonymous unless you want to be known!)
    • You all made the spare book and unbinding process possible. Thanks to you all we could get clean, quality pictures and readable text!
  • You, the reader and fanbase!
    • Who else would we do all this for? : )


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