Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Portraits + Mini Profile Translations (5)

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 2). 

This post is a translation of character portraits (full bodies, the game cuts off higher up the body) as well as translations of the mini profiles beneath each picture.

You can find every translation I’ve done on this book so far on the compilation post here!


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Note: Profiles may be shorter on page itself, as I condensed them for the picture, so there may be slight differences. However, the translation should be the same.


A member of the Dawn Brigade. Her actions to liberate Daein made her renowned as it savior, earning her titles like “The Silver-Haired Maiden” and “Maiden of Dawn.”

Micaiah (Light Sage)
After she grows and comes to utilize “Thani.” This is her appearance as a “Light Sage.”

Micaiah (Priestess)
When she forms a connection with the Goddess, she takes this form as a Priestess. Yune is always with her.

Micaiah (Yune)
When the Goddess of Chaos Yune is talking through Micaiah.

A member of the Greil Mercenaries. Ike’s younger sister. In charge of cooking and laundry for the group. Inherited her mother Elena’s strong spirit of “order.”

Mist (Hood)
Mist when she infiltrated a Begnion camp as part of Soren’s plan. Conceals her body in a robe to ensure her true appearance remains unknown.

Mist (Young)
Mist as she appears in Ike’s memories. She was too young to really comprehend her father Gawain killing her mother Elena.

Muston 1
A member of the wandering merchant convoy. Runs the “Armory.” His knowledge and appearance is fitting for one who is the leader of the merchants.

Muston 2
When expressing thanks to the Dawn Brigade for saving Aimee and Ilyana.

A member of the Laguz Emancipation Army. Calls Tormod “little one,” and risks his life for him, to the point Vika refers to him as a “doting parent.”

Brom’s daughter. She journeyed to find her fiance Zihark who her father told her about. She encountered Micaiah and her group in the Desert of Death.

A warrior of Gallia. Serves under Lethe. Despite his appearance, he is gentle and dislikes fighting. He assists Elincia as a close friend.


Comes to Ohma Village to incite like-minded individuals to rebel against Elincia. Brom and Nephenee appeared right on time to prevent it from escalating.

A trusted confidant of King Tibarn of Phoenicis. Has “Insight” which allows him to see great distances unimpeded. Under Tibarn’s orders, he travels with Ike as Reyson’s escort.

One of Goddess Ashera’s chosen “Disciples of Order.” Declares Yune as the ultimate root of all evil and attacks Micaiah.

The influential Duke Fayre of Crimea. Geoffrey’s friend. Very cunning, and works hard to support the fledgling Crimean monarch.

A member of the Greil Mercenaries. Studies under Shinon to polish his bow skills. In Mugill, he meets the mother that abandoned him, but chooses his family over her.

A warrior of Gallia. Works as an aid to Skrimir, the leader of the Laguz Alliance. He is often shocked and constantly troubled by Skirmir’s impulsive actions.

A soldier of Begnion. Serves Senator Valtome. He was defeated by the Royal Knights when plundering Crimean territories.

A soldier of the Begnion Occupational Army in Begnion. He set a trap for Micaiah and her group by executing Daein army prisoners at Shifu Swamp.

First Prince of Serenes. Thought to have fallen victim to the Massacre, but managed to avoid death due to being caught earlier. Gentle and sensitive by nature.

A soldier of the Begnion Occupational Army in Daein. He used the citizens of Marado as pawns, causing Fiona to betray him and flee with the Marado Army.

A member of the wandering merchant convoy. She was captured and jailed in Gribe Prison along with Ilyana thanks to the Begnion Occupational Army’s hunts.

She goes through great lengths to attract “her hero” Ike. She has continued to feel this way for three years since the Mad King’s War.

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