Super Mario Odyssey: “Fuggedaboutit!” [JPN vs ENG]

Today’s post is a small one, and covers a reader request from user @LunaPlatinum1 on twitter:

“I wonder what stuff like “Fuggedaboutit” would be in Japanese <attached with above image>

I finally made it to the Metro Kingdom earlier, and looked into what he said. So let’s take a look!

Japanese Lit. Translation Official Localization
街は危険です The city is dangerous. Me head into the city?!

Here’s a straightforward case of inserting lines the localization deems fun over what may be perceived as rather bland or boring by some. The Japanese one states the case straightforwardly, while the localization takes a more colorful approach.

It still expresses that the city is dangerous, though more personal to the character rather than warning Mario of the danger directly. I assume the “Fuggedaboutit” is meant to resemble the New Yorker accent, considering the location!

It may be worth noting though that the original Japanese has no hint of any accent (such as the Kansai/Osaka accent or anything).

To answer the reader question: There is no Japanese equivalent because it didn’t exist, and is purely a creation of the localization.

There isn’t much else to say about this minor line! But I imagine many preferred the stranger line in the localization.

Summary infographic:

That’s that!

I will continue to look at fun differences between the versions of sorts of games when I get time!

Any dialogue you’re interested in? Feel free to send in comments or via email!


12 thoughts on “Super Mario Odyssey: “Fuggedaboutit!” [JPN vs ENG]

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  6. In general I love the localization in Odyssey!

    The whole ‘way too literal’ robot thing in Steam Gardens is so much better in English! In Japanese, you have normal lines… in Katakana, and that’s it. Why.

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