Fire Emblem if/Fates Website Character Profile Translations [COMPLETE] [6/16]


All profiles as of 6/16 have been completed. To view the ones in the previous 5/31 update, go here.

Here are the translations of several of the new characters who appeared on the main website. If any come in the future, I will be sure to update them here.

This was all done on my free time, and so took a little while. It was certainly a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : )


saizoutranslated kageroutranslate hinatatranslate oborotranslate asamatranslate setsunatranslate Tsubakitranslate kazahanatranslate lazwardtranslate pieritranslate odintranslate zerotranslate Lunatranslate belkatranslate haroldtranslate elfietranslate


32 thoughts on “Fire Emblem if/Fates Website Character Profile Translations [COMPLETE] [6/16]

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  2. Lazward is Inigo. Luna is Severa. Odin kinda looks like Owain. And Even some of the units Nohr gets look or somewhat resemble the child units in Awakening totally going Nohr now.

  3. why does Setsuna’s hairstyle remind me of Touka’s from Tokyo Ghoul? Anyway, one of the devs in the interview said that they designed the game so that players would be satisfied by playing one path, and there’s a cavalrier and ninja that join both sides, so hopefully if I play nohr I’ll get at least 1 of every class?

    • It seems likely, but they said some other classes are path exclusive, too. But you can recruit basic enemy units to get the other side’s classes using the Jail, at least!

      • yeah, but (in my opinion) using generic units is no fun. Okay, the easier path is designed to be easier for people that want an easier experience…but who would want to play a strategy game where ALL of your mission objectives are only 2? I think even a gamer that plays games casually would think that’s kinda boring (it’s the main reason why I’m picking the harder path. Plus, there are 2 extra VERY important plots on that side)

        • Yep! Just figured it’s better than nothing. Besides, you can toss them at the front lines and not worry if they die and such. xD But yes, I’m playing Nohr first too, but will play Hoshido eventually.

          • I feel as though the harder path is the more true path. First, mc or anyone in generally would most likely pick adopted family vs blood family they just met, multiple mission objectives, darker and more unique story, limited rescources (it’s a friggin war), and the europinish setting which is what fire emblem games are based off of

  4. Something tells me that Setsuna will end up being one of my favorite characters.
    Kazahana looks adorable. She looks to be the Lon’qu of my team. (That means no matter the playthrough, she/he’ll be one of the best characters) I don’t know why, but Hinata’s design reminds me of Tiz from “Bravely Default”. Welp, can’t wait to take a look at the 10-page famitsu special! (Even if it’s going to be a nightmare to translate)

    • I can see Tiz in there a lot, something about the hair and build. Yep… sitting here waiting for the inevitable now! I hope to translate the review too if nobody does by the time I’m done with that.

        • So did you watch a couple of shounen anime? I only watched Naruto (stopped around Shippuden) some bleach, and some one piece. Seriously, if IS has to recycle one of the most cliche anime trope characters, it’s showing they’re running out of ideas. Racial diversity would help add extra stuff and keep characters more diverse. I mean the game is set in a pure fantasy world (with dragons and kids being told to kill people)

          • A few years ago! Like Yuu Yuu Hakusho for instance. I got tired of the formula really quickly though… so I hope to see something more toward seinen. Indeed, that racial diversity is a thing many people want in Japanese games, but it is also probably something that may take some time.

          • I mean, we have the internet now, so a person who has never heard absolutely anything of India can do some research about it and make their own story set in India. Plus, different skin tones and some characters looking ugly would seriously keep things more fresh and diverce in fire emblem. And is it just me, or does anime whitewash settings that take place in an area that’s based off of in which people are dark skinned? One shounen anime called Magi labyrinth of magic takes place in a fantasy setting with an incredibly obvious middle eastern theme in the friggin dessert, and yet 99% of all characters in that setting are northern eoropean pale. Not to say Middle easterns aren’t white, they are, but a lot of them are tanned or darker skinned. Been to Turkey? I’m there now. Lot’s of darker skinned people, but not like brownish that media tries to fool people with

            • It would be cool to see older/”ugly”/different kin tones, yeah, but it doesn’t really bug me toooo much. It would add to it though yep! Yep I’ve been to Turkey, nice place! A lot of variations in skin tone.

      • Translation is difficult because it is not simply knowing both languages. It involves trying to convey the meaning of one language to another which at times can be incredibly hard to do. Japanese especially can still perplex people with it’s 2000+ standard characters and many more obscure ones beyond that. One of the languages like French or Spanish may be easier in that regard, but they too likely have phrases that are hard to translate over. : ) It is hard work.

        • Weird. My family is Turkish, so naturally I grew up in USA learning Turkish almost as my 2nd native language, and I don’t really have any issues when I try to translate a sentence from one to the other despite how different they are. Plus, I started taking Japanese 2 years ago in a desperate hope to get games that haven’t been released in North America yet, and I still don’t suffer this issue with that language.

          • Yeah I’m bilingual in another language and grew up outside the US and all that, so I know what you mean. I guess you are some sort of Japanese prodigy! How fortunate for you. xD I’m glad its easy for you then.

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