Fire Emblem IF Website Character Profile Translations [COMPLETE] [5/31]

UPDATE: All profiles as of 5/31 have been completed. Also, I included dialogue from a transcript provided by egobarrier of! Please note Japanese is context heavy and some bits may not make sense/had to be improvised to make it sound…well like words.

Here are the translations of several of the new characters who appeared on the main website. If any come in the future, I will be sure to update them here.

This was all done on my free time, and so took a little while. It was certainly a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : )


protagonistTranslatedProtagonist Profile:

Starting Class: Dark Prince (Male) / Dark Princess (Female)

Born in the Kingdom of Hoshido, they were kidnapped when they were too young to remember. They were then raised as a member of the Nohrian royal family instead.

Customize various features and setting as you like. Hair, face, body type, voice, and style/tone.


Aqua Profile:

Starting Class: Songstress

She is the opposite of the protagonist, having been born in Nohr but kidnapped and raised by the Hoshido. After she meets the Protagonist, she travels with them no matter what choice they make. She holds a special power in the songs she sings.

“I am Aqua. I was…the Princess of the Kingdom of Nohr…”

ryoumaTranslatedRyouma Profile:

Starting Class: Trueblade

The eldest brother of the Hoshidian royal family. The protagonist’s real older brother. A very reliable person who is the epitome of the way of the warrior.

“Somehow, I get the feeling we have awoken something truly frightening…”

takumiTranslatedTakumi Profile:

Starting Class: Archer

The younger prince of the Kingdom of Hoshido.
He trains diligently in order to prove his strength to those around him. He has a strong personality that is often suspicious of people.

“Mother seems to also want it this way.”

hinokaTranslatedHinoka Profile:

Starting Class: Pegasus Warrior

Elder Princess of the Kingdom of Hoshido.
She has a simple and honest personality that is fitting of a warrior. She took up learning the art of war after the protagonist was kidnapped.

“We…we finally meet again…after so long, I…”


Sakura Profile:

Starting Class: Miko

The youngest child and princess of the Kingdom of Hoshido.
She has a very shy personality. She uses honorifics even when talking to family members.

“I really want to be helpful to my dear elder brother Kamui…”

mikotoTranslatedMikoto Profile:

Noble Queen of the Hoshido

The peace loving Queen who rules the Kingdom of Hoshido. The birth mother of the protagonist. She found herself as the crown monarch following her late husband Sumeragi’s unexpected death

“It is fine, Kamui. You are a Prince of the Hoshido…”

tsukuyomiTranslatedTsukuyomi Profile:

Spellcaster of the Winds
Starting Class: Spellcaster

A spellcaster of the Tribe of Winds.
A young boy with extraordinary ability. This influences his self confidence, to the point where it is rather high-handed. On the other hand, his weakness is being childish in some ways, such as being afraid of the dark.

“Hmph… you all are very lucky to have me along for the ride.”

rinkaTranslatedRinka Profile:

The Aloof Flame

Starting Class: Oni

She is from the Tribe of Flames, which is an independent group from the Kingdom. Following her father (the chief)’s orders, she moved to assist the Kingdom of Hoshido. In accordance with her tribe’s custom of honoring solitude, she does not interact with her comrades more than is necessary.

“That previous surprise attack was unacceptable.”

orochiTranslatedOrochi Profile:

Old Fashioned Spellcaster

Starting class: Spellcaster

She is a Spellcaster employed by the castle that expensive magic can be bought from. Though she has mysterious vibes with her calm, old fashioned manner of speaking, she actually has a bright and playful personality.

1: “Is that fine, Lord Kamui?”

2: “There are many tools here that can use spells. It’s a pretty snug place.”

marxtranslated Marx Profile:

Starting Class: Paladin

Eldest brother of the Nohrian royal family.
He has a silent and honest personality. He follows his father’s orders faithfully. for the sake of his country

“Amazing, Kamui. You have become strong.”

leonTranslatedLeon Profile:

Starting Class: Dark Knight

The younger Prince of the Kingdom of Nohr. Unlike his older brother Marx, he uses magic. He is an Elite who can handle any task with excellent skill.

“As expected of my elder brother Marx.”

camillaTranslatedCamilla Profile:

Starting Class: Revenant Knight

Elder sister of the Nohrian royal family.
She dotes over her younger brother (sister) to the point where she would kill other people for them without a care.

“Alas, it seems the day you become free has finally come.”

eliseTranslatedElise Profile:

Starting Class: Rod Knight

The youngest child of the Nohrian royal family with a naive personality. Though not related to the protagonist by blood, she talks to them as if they were her real family.

“Kamui?! Brother…?!”

garonTranslatedGaron Profile:

Stern King of the Nohr

The King of Nohr. The father who raised the protagonist. With natural suspicion of others and lust for power, he is an ambitious person who intends to invade the Kingdom of Hoshido.

“Kukuku… you appear to be upset.”

nixTranslatedNix Profile:

Secluded Shaman

Starting Class: Dark Mage

A shaman who lives in the Kingdom of Nohr. Contrary to her appearance of a young girl, she is incredibly mature. Though she is an incredibly talented shaman, she lives a quiet life as a fortune teller despite being within an unstable society.

“You are a hundred years too early to be treating me like a child…”

charlotteTranslatedCharlotte Profile:

Savage Girl Power

Starting Class:Axe Fighter

A mercenary of the border of the Kingdom of Nohr. She can be seen as a truly kind girl by anyone who talks to her, but this is just a play to get any man under her control. Her true nature is that of a strong yet crude hand to hand fighter. She dreams of marrying into high wealth and social status.

1: “Ah! That’s right, sorry it took me so long to say… my name is Charlotte.”

2: “Fufufu…I got acquainted with quite the influential person hmm?”

benoitTranslatedBenoit Profile:

Gentle Protector

Starting Class: Knight

A mercenary of the border of the Kingdom of Nohr. The same as Charlotte. He is a great man with a scary face that both his allies and enemies fear. However, he is nice inside and always thinking of his comrades. He carries a homemade charm with him into battle.

” …yeah.”

guntherTranslatedGunther Profile:

Distinguished Veteran Knight

Starting Class: Great Knight

A Knight who has served the Kingdom of Nohr for a long time and made his name due to his distinguished military service. He watches over the Protagonist during their campaign in a strict yet gentle way.

1: “Is that alright? Though it is dark outside, it is already morning. Today shall be a training day.”

2: “It is forbidden to act on your own judgement, Lord Kamui.”

feliciaTranslatedFelicia Profile:

Diligent (?) Maid

Starting Class: Maid

The Maid who serves the Protagonist by doing all the tasks they need in the Kingdom of Nohr. While she is brave and tries her best, she still makes a lot of mistakes.

“Please have a nice day, Lord Kamui! Lord Marx has been waiting a long time~”

jokerTranslatedJoker Profile:

Silver Haired Steward

Starting Class: Butler

Serves as a steward to the Protagonist within the Kingdom of Nohr.
He has keen intellect, and does everything from housework to odd jobs with great skill. However, he is rather unsociable to anybody who is not the Protagonist.

1: “It has been said this forest is haunted by spirits that have gathered.”

2: “Huh? But it is only natural you old geezer. Or shall Lord Kamui have to suffer this these wounds he’s gained?”

suzukazeTranslatedSuzukaze Profile:

Polite Green Shinobi

Starting Class: Shinobi

Comes from a family that has served the Hoshido for generations. He does not serve a particular master, and so just serves the castle itself. He is polite and has quite a composed personality.

1: It is great you are safe… Prince Kamui.

2: Elder brother, please trust in Lord Kamui…


Cyrus Profile:

A fledgling Knight brimming with wisdom

Starting Class: Cavalier

A new knight in the Kingdom of Nohr, and the Protagonist’s childhood friend.
He has kind spirit that is always thinking of his friends. However, he is a very wary person as well, who would sacrifice himself for an ally who had let their guard down.

1: This life that you saved.. I am ready to throw it all away for you at any time.

2: I’m really happy I was able to meet you again, as your best friend.


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  4. Thanks so much for the translation! These characters look very interesting. I’m liking Cyrus a lot. He looks like a fun and loyal friend.

  5. Anyways, I’m wondering what’s happening in the cutscene under Elise’s character bio? Does this happen if you side with Hoshido? I don’t see why because it looks like Kamui is doing something to an enemy. Perhaps something happened? I really don’t know…

  6. CHILDHOOD FRIEND! We have a childhood friend! That’s! So! Cute!!
    Cyrus huh…. I’ve already taken a shine to him. He’s kind of (really) handsome, too. Dang it. Thanks for translating!

  7. Did you know that you can now pre load the game? If you have a japanese 3ds. According to nintendo everything on twitter.

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