Fire Emblem Fates: Awakening DLC Story Summary

Spoiler warning!

The Fire Emblem Awakening DLC released a few days ago for free download. So I decided I would type up a free summary. I am not sure if I will cover the other DLC, though I intend to cover the last of the first season named “Unseen History” that comes out on August 20th that deals with Hydra.

This was all done on my free time, and so took a while. It was certainly a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : )

Kamui is told that a swarm of phantom soldiers have appeared outside the castle, and that everybody scattered in the confusion. The servant comments they are not sure where they went, but that a pillar of light was seen from a forest that appeared. The servant comments that it is likely related to the Outrealm Gate and that the forest is of a different world. Kamui says to pursue them into the woods.

After a flash of white, they are in a grassy field in the woods. Kamui mentions seeing the words “Halidom of Ylisse” cross in front of their eyes. They are greeted by a young man with blue hair –Chrom. He mentions he heard voices and came to investigate. Frederick, who is with him, says he has never seen Kamui and company before. Lissa, also there, wonders if they are bandits who just changed their clothes. Kamui asks who they are, and Chrom introduces himself as the Captain of the Shepherds. He introduces Lissa as his younger sister, and Frederick as his knight. Kamui introduces themselves to them and their servant to them too. Chrom then asks what the trouble was, to which Kamui answers they were pursuing something. Kamui mentions “Phantom Soldiers” and both Chrom and Frederick are surprised that they are in their country. Frederick suspects they came from the neighboring Plegia. Kamui’s servant advises against taking too much action as they are in another world. Kamui quickly changes the story, saying they were chasing “strange animals” and not “phantom soldiers,” but that they are extremely dangerous and Chrom should run if he ever spots them. Frederick has doubts about this claim, and the servant lets it slip that Kamui is royalty. Chrom is about to say something about this but they hear fighting in the distance, and Kamui runs off. Chrom and the others decide to assist.

Chrom and company join the battle claiming that a fight in their Kingdom is very much their problem. Kamui accepts Chrom’s help and the battle begins.

During the battle, Kamui can speak to the Ylisse crew, and mentions the Kingdoms of Hoshido and Nohr to Chrom after he says Kamui resembles royalty. Chrom mentions he has heard of these countries in myths and legends. He mentions he is poorly informed of most foreign affairs, but is aware of that much. He apologizes for talking and that they should focus on fighting together. Kamui is glad that he did not doubt their word, but wonders just where they are if Nohr and Hoshido are legends… other conversations between Luna, Odin, and Lazward can also be had with the various members, but they decline to speak the truth of their origins as it would complicate things. They pass their wishes on about treating their respective mothers well, however, as they will eventually meet.

After the battle, Kamui thanks Chrom for the help, as he thanks them in return. Chrom mentions that it sounds like their country is in trouble with beasts like this, and offers that Kamui and company stay here for the time being. He mentions two legendary treasures that may help them return, but Frederick and Lissa warn he must first ask his oldest sister, the Exalt Emmeryn. Kamui declines wanting to take such precious items, but Chrom insists that Emmeryn would hear them out and want to help above all else. Kamui takes the items and leave.

Lissa wonders who those mysterious people were, but Chrom feels like they will meet again somewhere. Lissa says Kamui was good at tactics, and Chrom remarks they could really use a good tactician. They spot a collapsed person in the distance, thinking they are dead, but see they are napping.

Then, a repeat of the beginning of Awakening plays, with the same dialogue, where it is implied they found Robin right after Kamui returned to their world.

And that’s it! I can’t say I like all these Awakening connections they’re making and really fear for the Unseen History one coming up… but for those who do enjoy it, I hope this DLC is nice for you.


19 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Fates: Awakening DLC Story Summary

  1. TBH, I too am disappointed that the Nohr path didn’t involve revolution against Garon, but the actual plot of trying to expose Garon by having him sit on the Hoshidan throne is pretty good, and IS wanted us to feel guilty fighting the Hoshidan siblings. Also, about the “no connection to Awakening”, IS meant that the lore and back story would not be related to Awakening’s, but since the statement was so vague, many, including myself, took it to mean no references at all. Finally, there’s no reason to flip out over this DLC because it is truly optional.

    • Indeed, just a personal disappointment to me that even if the DLC is optional, the fact it exists/acknowledges that Awakening connection is a bit of a downer, you know? Indeed, the lore and back story not related… I too took it to mean absolutely no references, like most other games in the series that were not sequels or prequels.

      • At the same time, I personally will buy this DLC because it seems pretty fun based on vids, and I don’t hate Awakening. After all, it was my first, but not my only.

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  3. I don’t mind the awakening kids popping up since I rather enjoyed them and it was quite interesting, but yeah I didn’t like how some of the children are carbon copies of the awakening characters *coughcoughgoawayshara* that bothered me A LOT.
    Still this dlc seems pretty cool! I love love Frederick and Joker’s fight! My awakening and fates husbands fight ^.^/

    On a small side note, when playing the game is it hard to translate Odins speech? Just curious since I’m trying to translate his support with Orochi ;A;

  4. Well, I heard somewhere that the Avatars are supposed to be reincarnations of each other (bad memory; can’t remember where), so this would make sense… But they could’ve also linked it to Kris or Mark (though, I can only imagine a plot for Mark in some way…).
    Anyway, I guess I’m not the only one not happy over how IS promised there to be no connections and it turns out they were just lying.

    • That is the worst part. They said a new world and such, unrelated, and simply things to “make Awakening fans smile.”

      I suppose it takes a lot to make Awakening fans “smile.” xD So much for light references…

      But yes, it is mostly just the false promises and such. Likewise, I’m happy to see I’m no the only one a little iffy about this : (

      • It annoyed a lot of my friends, especially since I doubt it would’ve been necessary.

        Even though the only FE I beat was Awakening, I know as well as many others that the game is quite… lacking.
        Still, I wouldn’t mind these connections, if they hadn’t lied to the fanbase.
        This is not really what I consider “No connections to previous games”. If it was just references, fine, but this…
        This is how people learn to never trust developers.

        The fact how Nohr was promoted as “Changing the country from the inside” while you (from what I know) lick Garon’s boots for more than 90% of the game doesn’t make that much better.

        …Sorry for the rant…

        • Indeed, the lying part is the biggest part I mentioned too. It was not just this either, but some other aspects too that changed up since the game was first revealed just months ago…

          No problem, I appreciate the rant, in fact. : )

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