Fire Emblem 7: Priscilla Artbook Translation

Today I translated and edited Priscilla (Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword)’s art book page (103). Japanese and English transcripts can be found below the picture! As well as the original image.

086PriscillaTranslateKeep reading for the transcripts!

086 Priscilla

The gentle young noble lady who constantly thinks of her older brother
She was born to Lycia’s House Cornwall. Ten years prior she was adopted by Count Caerleon of Eturia –separated from her parents and older brother. She leaves on a journey with her escort Erk to find her family, but her status is soon found about by Marquess Laus, who keeps an eye on her and prevents her from leaving a village in Laus territory. She is rescued by Eliwood’s group, however.

Estimated Age———————————-Teen
Title————————-Secluded Noble Lady
Status—-Adopted Daughter of House Caerleon
Weapon———————-Staff / Anima Magic

It is unclear whether Priscilla is aware of how much elegance she radiates, captivating the hearts of those around her. This is likely from the environment she was raised in. However, just because she was raised in a noble household does not necessarily mean she is unreliable. One she has made a decision, she will stick with it with her unbending will. There are very few people who are not impressed by Priscilla.
However, as she has lived away from her family so long, she yearns for them a lot. She especially obsesses over her older brother Raymond (Raven) –in a display of excess fraternal love.

Original Japanese Picture + Text:


086 Priscilla





More to come!


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