FE Fates Localization: Endgame Character Dialogue Comparisons (ALL)


This is another post in my ongoing Fire Emblem Fates localization comparison posts! I discuss anything from major to minor changes here. This one was requested to me by a reader on twitter!

Today, I look at every character’s final lines during the Endgame chapters in both Birthright and Conquest. These lines are only said when said characters are brought on the final levels of the respective games.

Spoiler warning, of course! As it deals with events in the last chapter(s) of the game!

Please note that this post is purely informative and may share some opinion, but this does not mean the change is necessarily good or bad. A change is just a change that is being looked into, and you can be the judge of whether you like it or not!

It is all just for fun and curiosity for me. : )


First, some general things to keep in mind:

  • The localization has limited space to work with in these quotes. However, they seem to have more room than they did with say, profiles, as dialogue boxes seem to give a bit more wiggle room.
  • Very interesting is that the original game-text had quotes for characters even on paths they cannot be recruited on (Takumi on Conquest, for instance). The translators translated the unused quotes, too, as they do with game text.
  • The Japanese game text for both paths are the same. However, the English one differs! Some are the same, but others are completely different.
  • Generally, one quote (in English) is more accurate to the source Japanese than the other. There are exceptions, of course.
  • However, as the Japanese is the same in both, it means any changes are very consciously done, as they clearly had a more literal translation in mind without changing it, meaning space wasn’t an issue for once! Make of that what you will.
  • As a result, characters available on both paths have different quotes depending on the path, even if their Japanese was exactly the same.

The Comparison:

The order is the quote(s) in English first, and Japanese followed by my translation. For reference:

A = Birthright / Hoshido
B = Conquest / Nohr

Quotes that are actually used are in bold. These often coincide with the paths a character can be recruited on. The un-highlighted quote is one that is in the text dump, but likely unused.



A: Come on, Corrin… Wake up! I know you can do it!
B: Corrin! Please, wake up! Don’t abandon us again!

Corrin、お願いだ…目を覚ませ! もう二度と…遠いところに行かないでくれ!!

Corrin, please…open your eyes! I don’t want to lose you again…!!



A: Are you gonna let this overgrown salamander take you out like that? Get up!
B: This is a sick joke, you know that? Get up! You’re not just going to give up, are you?

何の冗談だよ…早く起きなよ! あんたはここで死ぬような奴じゃないだろ!

What a joke… hurry and wake up! You aren’t the type who would just die here!


  • Path B’s quote is a silly quote considering the circumstances of that chapter…



A: Rise, Corrin. Your story cannot end this way.
B: Rise, Corrin. You cannot allow your journey to end like this.

Corrin、起きろ。 このままで終わるなど…許さない。

Corrin, get up. I won’t accept you letting it end here…



A: You can’t die, Corrin… I still haven’t paid you back!
B: You can’t die, Corrin! I haven’t repaid all of your kindness yet!

死んじゃダメだよ…Corrinっ! まだキミへの恩は、全然返しきれてないのに!

Don’t die, Corrin! I haven’t been able to repay you yet!


  • In Japanese, he specifically means repaying kindness, as is reflected in the unused Quote B.



A: You’re stronger than this. Get up and fight like you always do.
B: You’re stronger than this, aren’t you? Get up and fight, just like always!

あんたの強さは…そんなもんじゃないだろ? 早く起きて、いつもの闘いを見せてくれよ。

You’re stronger than this, aren’t you? Come on, get up! Show me you will fight as you always do!



A: It is not your time to die, Corrin! Not for another 72 years and 19 days…
B: Death claims us all eventually, but it’s not your time just yet. Please, open your eyes.

死は万物に平等。…ですがあなたのその時は、 今ではないはずです。さあ、目覚めてください。

Death is the great equalizer… However, it is not your time just yet. Please, wake up.


  • His more thoughtful/literal quote was consciously changed to fit how they portray his…darker nature, I suppose!



A: Perfection is within your grasp, Corrin!
B: Our journey here was far from flawless, but that’s no excuse to give up!

ここに来るまでは、完璧な道のりじゃなかった… でも最後は…完璧に勝ってみせよう。一緒に!

The journey here may not have been perfect… but, in the end, we shall have a perfect victory! Together!



A: This doesn’t have to be the way it ends. Come on—let’s finish this together!
B: You can’t die here! Get up now, and I promise to train you harder than ever!

どうしてお前が…ここで倒れねばならん。 私が鍛え直してやるから、早く起きてくれ…!

Why did you have to fall here? I’ll help train you myself, so hurry and get up!



A: Lord/Lady Corrin, of all the times I’ve asked you to wake…This is the most crucial of them all!
B: Open your eyes, Lord/Lady Corrin. Please…I can’t bear to lose you here!

Corrin様…どうかお目覚め下さい! このようなところで別れるなど…絶対に嫌です!

Lord/Lady Corrin…Please wake up! There is absolutely no way we will be separated here! None!



A: Can you still hear my voice? Hang in there, Corrin!
B: Hang in there, old friend! Can you hear my voice?! If you can, come back to me!!

しっかりしろ…! お前は俺の声も 届かないほど…遠くに行ってしまったのか!?

Get a hold of yourself…! Are you too far-gone for my words to reach you…?!



A: I believe in you, Lord/Lady Corrin. You can’t die here.
B: I believe in you, Lord/Lady Corrin. I believe you will return to us…

信じています、Corrin様。 あなたは死んだりしていない。そうでしょう?

I believe in you, Lord/Lady Corrin. You won’t die here. Isn’t that right?



A: You can do this, Corrin. You are stronger than you know!
B: Our battle is not yet won, little prince/princess|! Keep fighting with me until the end!

私はお前を信じ、闘い続けよう。 例え最後の一人になろうとも…!

I believe in you. Continue to fight! Fight to the last breath…!


A: The Corrin I know wouldn’t let a love tap like that take him/her out. Come on, then. What are you waiting for?
B: You won’t let a sorry attack like that kill you, right? You’re stronger than that…

あんな攻撃で、死ぬわけないだろ? だって…僕の知ってるあんたは、もっと…

Are you really going to die after an attack like that? I know…you’re better than this…


  • This one went with the literal translation and few changes. The alternate translation (A) makes one wonder how two very different translations came about when the source is the same…



A: I will protect everyone while you rest, Corrin. But, please…wake up soon.
B: I promise to protect everyone until you return, but please hurry…

もう一度、立ち上がってくれ… それまで皆は、俺が守る…

Rise again…for us… I’ll protect everyone until then…



A: Wake up, Corrin! If you do, I’ll give you my second-favorite treasure!
B: Wake up, Corrin! If you do, I’ll give you my second-favorite treasure!

目を覚ませよCorrin! 戻ってきたら 俺の最高の宝物をお前にやるから…!!

Open your eyes Corrin! If you come back I’ll give you my most valuable treasure…!!


  • As you can see, they translated his quote exactly the same in both paths, like the Japanese.
  • In English, he gives you his second-favorite treasure instead of his absolute favorite. I assume for humor, but that does paint his selfless gesture as slightly more selfish in doing so.




A: Rise, Corrin! Do it for me! Do it for your family! Do it…for JUSTICE!
B: Fallen hero, I command you to rise in the name of justice!!

正義の名の元に、もう一度立ち上がるのだ! あなたの正義は…ここで潰えてはならない!

You must rise, in the name of justice! Your righteousness must not end here!


  • Translator for quote A seemed to be having more fun than translator for quote B.



A: Your spirit is caged within an illusion. Take my hand and cast it aside!
B: An evil illusion is ensnaring you. Grab hold of my fell hand. We’ll banish it together!

貴様は幽玄の魔に囚われているだけだ… さあ、早くその腕で闇を振り払え…!!

You have been ensnared by some vile magic…hurry grab my hand and shake the darkness off…!!



A: You cannot die. That is not what the future holds in store. You must keep fighting!
B: You cannot die. That is not what the future holds in store. You must keep fighting!

ねえ…こんなところで、独りで死なないで。 最後までみんなで、一緒に闘おうよ…!

Hey…you won’t be dying here like that. Fight ’till the end with the rest of us!


  • Same quote for both paths.



A: I hate seeing you like this. Come back to us, Corrin!
B: Seeing you so defenseless is fascinating, but that’s enough. Come back to us.

あんたのその無防備な姿も色っぽいが… もう飽きたぜ。さあ…早く俺たちの元に来い。

It’s pretty sexy seeing you so helpless like that… but I’ve had enough. So…hurry and come back to us.


  • Surprisingly they opted to keep to his more sadistic line (of the two choices they had), though with less innuendo.



A: I won’t give up, so you can’t either!
B: I can’t lose you. Not again! Get up right now, or I’ll be angry with you!

お前が目を覚ますまで、私たちは負けない。 決して死なないから、だから、お前も…!

We’ll keep fighting until you open your eyes! We know you won’t choose death, so…come on!



A: I won’t leave your side, no matter what happens!
B: I won’t leave your side until you w-wake up. No matter what, I’ll protect you!

私、傍にいます…目が覚めるまで。 どんな攻撃が来ても、守ってみせます…!

I…I’ll be by your side…until you open your eyes…I…I will protect you, no matter what kind of attack comes your way…!



A: Everyone believes in you. Your flame will go on forever!
B: We all believe in you. That flame in your heart still burns brightly…

大丈夫だ、みんなあんたを信じてる。 あたしたちの炎は…まだ消されてはいないさ。

It’s alright, we all believe in you. Our flames…won’t be extinguished just yet.



A: Your fate is not to die here. You will wake up!
B: Your fortune tells me you won’t die today. You WILL wake up.

わらわのまじないが正しければ、 Corrin様は死なぬ。必ず…目を覚ます。

If my divination speaks the truth, then you will not die here. Surely…you will open your eyes.


  • She is more sure in English. It is interesting to see how slightly the two English translations differ, but what a difference they make in tone.



A: You’ve got to keep fighting, Corrin!
B: We need you to fight with us. Do not give in to defeat!

共にこの戦を終わらせよう。 だが何もかも、あなたがいないと始まらぬ…

We must bring an end to this war together. We can’t start without you…



A: I get it, you’re taking a breather. Well, nap time’s over—get up and fight!
B: What do you think you’re doing? The battle isn’t over! Get up and lead us to victory!

だめだよ、まだ勝負はついてないよ!? 早く起きて、闘って、勝ってみせてよ!!

That’s no good, this fight hasn’t been decided yet! Wake up! Fight! Win!



A: So you fainted. No big deal. Just get yourself together, and come back to us!
B: People pass out all the time. No big deal. Just rest a bit and return to us…

気絶はよくあること… 少し休んだら、どうか戻ってきて…

After a little rest, you will surely return to us…that is often the case when one faints…



A: You can’t die like this… Your hair is all messed up!
B: I won’t let you die! Not while you’re wearing such a tacky outfit…

死んじゃダメよ! そんなボロボロの格好で… 終わるだなんて許しませんからね!

Don’t die! I won’t allow you to die while looking so shabby!


  • She is referring to a “shabby appearance,” she likely meant clothes as B presents, but A (with hair) can qualify too.



A: I just know you’re coming back. You’re stronger than anyone!
B: I know you too well, milord/milady|! You definitely won’t die here. You’re stronger than that!

私のご主人様が、死ぬわけありません…! あなたはとっても強いんです! 誰よりも…!

Milord/Milady won’t die…! You’re strong! Stronger than anyone…!



A: It is not your time, Corrin. Open your eyes. Let me hear your voice again!
B: You must not die here, Corrin. The world still has need of you…

だめよ、Corrin。死んではだめ…! もう一度目を開けて。もう一度…声を聴かせて。

Don’t die, Corrin, don’t…! Open your eyes once again… Please…let me hear your voice again…



A: You’re just playing dead, right? It’s the oldest trick in the book.
B: You’re just pretending to be dead, right? It’s not funny, so stop it already!

し、死んだなんて嘘やんなぁ? あたいは、戻ってくるって信じてるで…!

T-this whole dyin’ thing is a big ol’ joke, right? I believe you’ll come right on back to us though…!


  • Her accent is clear in Japanese, but as with the rest of her dialogue, seems less pronounced in English (to the point it doesn’t exist).



A: Corrin! Please, come back! I would gladly trade my life for yours!
B: Don’t leave me, my precious Corrin! Please, gods, take me instead…

嫌よ…Corrin…戻ってきて…! 私の命と、引き換えにしてもいいから…!

I hate this, Corrin…come back…! I would gladly give my life for you to return…!



A: You can’t die here! I need you around to hug and play with me! Please… *sniff*
B: You can’t die here! I need you around to hug and play with me! Please… *sniffle*

やだよ、死なないで…! あたし、頑張るから… もう一度、あたしを見てよぉ…っ!

No! Don’t die…! I…I’m doing my best…so…come back and see me…!


  • It’s curious how she *sniff*’s in A, but *sniffle*’s in B. The rest of the quote is the same.



A: It’s not like you to fold under pressure. What are you waiting for?
B: Stop being worthless and get up already! I ain’t got all day…

こんなとこでくたばるなんて、らしくないわね。 もっと根性見せやがれってのよ…!

Hey! You ain’t the type to kick the bucket here, yeah? Show us what ya got…!



A: We need your strength, Corrin. Keep fighting!
B: You are not our shield, Corrin— you are our sword. We need you…

あなたはみんなの盾になるべきではない… あなたは、みんなの剣になるべき人…

You are not meant to be everyone’s shield…rather…you are to be everyone’s sword…



A: I can’t bear to think of you as a pile of dead meat… Please, come back!
B: Dying’s no fun. If you die, you can’t stab stuff anymore! IT’S NOT WORTH IT!

やだやだ、死んじゃだめなのーーーっ! 死んだらただのお肉になっちゃうのよーっ!?

No no noooo! No dying allowed!!! If you die you’ll just become a mere hunk of boring meat…!


  • They opted with a quote that fits her portrayed personality more than the more accurate (A) translation.



A: Most people are fragile. But you are not most people…
B: Life is fragile… But you are not like anyone I’ve ever met…

人の命は、儚いもの… けれどあなたは、まだ終わっていないはず。

Life…is a fragile thing…but, this isn’t meant to be your end.



A: If you die here I am gonna be SO MAD at you!
B: You wake up THIS INSTANT! I’ll never forgive you if you die today!

早く戻ってきなさいよ、馬鹿…!! こんなところで死んだりしたら…許さないわ。

Hurry up and come back already, idiot…! If you up and die here… I’ll never forgive you.



A: You’re far too young to leave this world. You still have time. Come back to us!
B: One so young as you should not rush to your grave. Your time here has just begun…

若者が死に急ぐような真似は良くないわ。 まだ間に合うから…早く戻ってきて…

It is not very becoming of one so young to die so soon. It is not your time…hurry and return to us…



A: I promise to keep fighting until you awaken. I won’t give up, so you can’t either!
B: I promise to keep fighting until you awaken. I won’t give up, so you can’t either!

目が覚めるまで、俺が闘っておいてやる! 決して負けないから…必ず戻ってきてくれ。

We’ll keep fighting ’till you open your eyes! We won’t give in…so come back!


  • Same quote.



A: Everything will be OK. It just has to be! I know you’ll get up really soon!
B: Everything will be OK. It just has to be! I know you’ll get up really soon!

大丈夫…きっと大丈夫。もう一度、 目を覚ましてくれるって信じてるから!

It’ll be fine…everything will be fine. I know you’ll open your eyes again!


  • Same quote and very accurate to the Japanese.



A: I should have been the one to take that hit! We still need you to lead us!
B: You can’t go sacrificing yourself like that. Think about the sweets you’d miss out on…

その身を犠牲にするなんて、らしくないな。 そういう役は…俺みたいなやつのすることだ。

You can’t go and sacrifice yourself like that… that sort of thing…is for people like me to do.



A: Hey, dum-dum, if you die here, playtime is over FOREVER! So don’t do it, OK?
B: It’s not nap time, dummy, so wake up! Come on! I wanna play! WAKE UP!!

眠っちゃダメ! 絶対にダメだよ! ここで死んだら…もう遊べなくなるんだよ!?

Don’t go to sleep! Don’t you dare! If you die… how will we ever play again?!



A: We’ve come too far to have the battle end like this…
B: We didn’t come all this way to lose you like this. Just get over it, OK?

…私たちはこんな結末を見るために 闘ってきたわけではありません。そうでしょう?

…We have not fought all this way to reach this sort of end. Isn’t that right?



A: The flame of life burns / Truly, deeply…in your soul… / Awaken, my friend!
B: The flame of life burns truly, deeply…within a soul at the crossroads of death. Awaken!

死の淵に 揺らげど炎 消えはせぬ… わたくしは信じていますわ…必ず戻ってくると。

Within the abyss | A flame flickers and struggles | But will not die out…This is what I believe…you will return.


  • I translated a haiku (or at least I hope I’m saying those words right…), as did the translation they went with, separated by slashes. B translated it more literally without the 5-7-5 in mind.



A: I want to fight at your side until the very end. You can’t die!
B: I want to fight at your side until the very end. You can’t die!

あたしも一緒に闘うわ。最後まで。 だから、このまま悲しませて終わりにしないで…

Fight with me. Until the end. So…please, don’t make me suffer such a sad ending…


  • Same quote.



A: You have to wake up… I can’t follow you into death!
B: My heart is broken… If you don’t return to me, I will follow you to the next world…

悲しすぎて私…どうにかなってしまいそう… 戻ってこないなら…私も後を追うわよ…

I’m distraught… I can’t bear it… if you don’t come back, then…I’ll have to follow you in death…


  • Her more suicidal (and disturbingly devoted) quote lost to the more straightforward/indirect one, it seems. B is more accurate to the original intent.

KannaF KannaM


A: Mama/Papa, don’t leave me! I promise I’ll be a good boy/girl from now on!! Please… *sniff*
B: Mama/Papa, don’t leave me! I promise I’ll be a good boy/girl from now on!! Please… *sob*

お父さん、あたしを置いていかないで! いい子にするから、ずっとそばにいてよぉ…!/ お母さん、僕を置いていかないで! いい子にするから、ずっとそばにいてよ…っ!

Mother/Father, don’t leave me here! I’ll be a good boy/girl and remain by your side…!


  • He/she *sniff*’s in Birthright, and *sobs*’s in Conquest.



A: I do not wish to sing a requiem for you…
B: I wish to sing a song of rebirth or victory, not a dull requiem…

俺はもう、鎮魂歌を歌いたくはありません… 歌うのなら、喜びと勝利の歌を…!

I shall not sing a requiem just yet…if I must sing, it shall be a joyful song of victory…!


A: I know it’s tempting to sleep forever, but you can’t leave us like this!
B: If you die here, you’ll regret it. Get up, and I’ll take care of you…

このまま死んだら寂しいじゃん… 俺の珈琲ももう、飲めなくなるんだぜ…?

I’ll get pretty lonely if you die like this, y’know…? Who’ll drink my coffee…?



A: Why are you lying around like that? Wake up—we have work to do!
B: Why are you lying around like that? Wake up
—we have work to do!

ちょ、ちょっとドジっちゃっただけだよね…!? すぐにまた、目を覚ましてくれるよね…!?

T…that was a little sloppy, wasn’t it…?! You’ll open your eyes again though, right?!


  • Same quote.



A: Don’t give up! Hang on, and I’ll whip up some medicine for you!
B: Don’t give up! Hang on, and I’ll whip up some medicine for you!

負けないよ…! おくすりが無くたって、 強い人は死んだりしないんだから!

Don’t lose to this…! Even without medicine, strong people won’t die!


  • In Japanese, she’s saying Corrin does not need medicine as they are strong enough on their own to rise up. In English, however, that sentiment is lost.
  • Same quote!



A: Your selfless actions may have saved us. But you can’t let things end this way!
B: Sacrificing your life to save others is noble, but our great kingdom still needs you!

皆の為に身を挺するとは、王族の鑑だ。 このままで終わりはしないと、信じているよ…!

You’re truly model royalty, sacrificing yourself for everyone else. This isn’t the end though, I believe in you…!



A: Come back to us, Corrin. We can’t go on without you…
B: Please don’t leave us. You’re too dear to our hearts to die so suddenly!

神様…もしいらっしゃるのなら、 僕や父の大切な人を奪わないでください…!

Oh gods… I implore you, please do not take our precious Corrin from us…!


  • His original Japanese was a plea to the gods/god not to take Corrin just yet. Neither of the English quotes reflect that.
  • A more literal translation would be: “God…if it is deemed acceptable, please do not snatch away my father and my precious person.” I point this out because Forrest includes his father when talking about how precious Corrin is, showing both love for Leo and Corrin at the same time. It was harder to convey in English without breaking flow, so I used “our” (as I translated above). That does remove the father aspect, though, so I wanted to make a note of it here.



A: For once, I’m not scared. I know you’re coming back!
B: This isn’t over yet. Stop this nonsense and wake up!

怖くなんかない…だって、まだ終わりではない。 こんなところで、終わるはずがない…

I’m not afraid… because I’m sure this isn’t the end. There’s no way you’re meeting your end here…



A: Daddy will be sad if you don’t get up soon. And, um…so will I…
B: Daddy will be sad if you don’t get up soon. And, um…so will I…

起きてくれないと…パパが悲しみます。 それから…わたしも……

If you don’t wake up…then papa will be sad. And then… I will be too…


  • Same quote.



A: Father says that justice never sleeps, so you can’t go napping on the job either!
B: Father says that justice never sleeps, so you can’t go napping on the job either!

僕の一生分の運を全部あげてもいい… …だから生き返って。お願いだよ…!

Take my entire lifetime supply of luck…and come back to us! Please…!


  • The original Japanese shows how he’s willing to trade all that luck for Corrin to return. Of course, it can also be taken to simply mean borrow it, or more like “share my luck.” Either way, it does not reflect in either of the English translations.
  • Same quote.



A: A gentle aura has encircled you… It whispers words of awakening!
B: A gentle aura has encircled your body… It whispers words of awakening!

まだ煌めきは消えていないわ。その剣からも、 その身体からも。さあ、立ち上がって…!

Your sparkling light has yet to be extinguished. Neither you or your sword’s. Rise!


  • I like the mention of light in both Corrin and the Yato, which is lost in English.



A: This game you’re playing is NOT CUTE. You’ve got to wake up, Corrin!
B: Awww, you’re so cute when you’re napping. It’s time to wake up though, silly!

守ってみせるよ…目が覚めるまで、 誰も死なせたりしないから…戻ってきて!

I’ll protect everyone until you wake up! Nobody will be dying under my watch…so…come back to us!


  • Her love for “cuteness” is emphasized in English, where as she had a relatively serious Japanese quote.



A: This is turning into a nightmare… You’ve got to wake up, Corrin!
B: The battle will go on if you die, but I couldn’t bear the loss…

そうよ…闘いは続くわ。誰がいなくなろうとも。 でもこのままじゃ、悲しくて闘えない…

That’s right…the battle will continue. Nobody’s going anywhere. Though… I won’t be able to fight if I’m sad…with the way things are going…


  • The English B quote summarized/worded this much better to get a similar meaning across.



A: Lady Mikoto, if you can hear me… Please guide Corrin back to the living…
B: The son/daughter of Lady Mikoto must not accept defeat. Return to us!

ミコト様…貴方の子はまだ闘えます。 どうかその魂を、こちら側にお導きください。

Lady Mikoto…your child can still fight. Please, wherever your spirit may be, guide him/her back to us.



A: It wouldn’t be a party without you, kid. So open those eyes, OK?
B: Theatrics are MY thing, got it? Now open your eyes and rejoin the battle!

こんなところで終わるなんて、らしくないよ。 さぁ目を開けて。キミのお墓は、ここじゃない。

This isn’t the sort of place you’ll meet your end. Come now, open your eyes. Your grave won’t be erected here.




A: I believe in you. Just like you believed in me. Come on back to us.
B: You believed in me, and now it’s time to repay the favor. Don’t let me down…

Corrin様が俺を信じてくれたように… 俺もあんたが戻ってくることを、信じている…

Lord/Lady Corrin believed in me… and so it is my turn to believe –that you’ll come back…



A: You protected us—now it’s our turn to protect you. Rise, Corrin!
B: The mighty winds are calling you back to this world. Can’t you hear them?

お前を包む風はまだ…止んではいない。 眠るには早すぎるぞ、Corrin!

The wind still blows strongly with you…dying now would be a waste, Corrin!



A: You can’t die before me—I won’t allow it!
B: I forbid you to die, milord/milady|. No good could possibly come of it.

貴方がここで倒れて、どうするのです。 私より先に死ぬなど、許しませぬぞ…!

What would I do if you were to fall here? You cannot die before I do, I won’t allow it…!



A: You can’t die like this, Corrin! I want to hear your voice again.
B: It is not yet time to unveil the graceful lullaby of your death. Rise! RISE!

先程の声を、あなたの最期にしないで。 あんな断末魔…私は聞きたくありませんわ。

That voice I heard…these aren’t your final moments. I didn’t hear the scream of one dying in agony, after all.


  • In my translation above, she’s basically saying the scream/sound Corrin made was not that of one dying in agony/etc that her victims would usually make, which is why she can make that judgement.



A: I know you can open those eyes again, Corrin…
B: Your eyes are full of strength… Let us all see that strength just one more time!

あんたの瞳は…強くて綺麗で、大好きなんだ。 叶うならもう一度、私にその色を見せてくれ!

Your pupils…are both powerful, and beautiful. I love them. It would be a wish come true if you could show them to me one more time!


  • Scarlet got the short end of the stick it seems. They went with the shorter quote. Quote B is closer, but still not quite to the feelings she was trying to express, likely relating them to gemstones (which she is a big fan of).
  • By “love,” she’s probably referring to them being admirable/likable, rather than any sort of romantic undertone.



A: You’re a one-of-a-kind asset… No returns, if you catch my drift. So wake up already!
B: You’re a one-of-a-kind asset… No returns, if you catch my drift. So wake up already!

私と違って、あなたはこの世に一人だけ… あなたしか、この世界を救えないのよ!

Unlike me, you’re the only one of you in this world…And you’re the only one who can save it!


  • She definitely makes you feel more special in Japanese! Though the sales-pitch-like tone is what the localization often goes with, which fits her character as well.
  • Same quote.



A: You’re strong enough to wake yourself up now. I believe in you, Corrin!
B: Wake up soon, or I’ll be forced to use my ice powers on you again. Please…

今の私では、あなたを眠りから覚ませない… けれど、もう一人でも起き上がれるはずです。

As I am now, I cannot wake you from your slumber… but, you can surely wake up on your own!

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

The thing I found most intriguing this time was the fact Japanese lines in A & B were exactly the same. Yet, in English, a lot of them had two different translations. I am not sure if the localization wanted to go out of their way to add more variety, or if it was just a matter of different translators handling the workload of translating all that text (compared to a consistent writer in Japanese).

Translators translate all text, including unused content, which applied here too. Keeping in mind that they essentially had to pick one of the translations to use (as only a few characters appear on both paths), I do wonder how they reached some decisions. Some A & B’s are exactly the same. Some are vastly different. You can hear the difference in tone simply by reading them. You also get the feel for which translator did what (some love to be sillier, and USE CAPS, others not so much).

It makes me wonder exactly what sort of process went into that, but…as usual, we’ll never know!


Phew! This post took a lot of work, as I wasn’t expecting the paths to differ in English as they were the same in Japanese. This was brought to me by request, and I really enjoyed looking into it.

As far as I know, Revelation didn’t have any last lines. I don’t recall from my own playthrough, but when I checked youtube playthroughs I didn’t see any there, either. I’m working on acquiring the text dump to make sure, though. If there are lines, I’ll either update this post or make a separate one for that.

What do you think of these quotes? And the different translations for A & B versus the same for Japanese? What sort of quotes would you write? Let me know below!


6 thoughts on “FE Fates Localization: Endgame Character Dialogue Comparisons (ALL)

    • Since Corrin didn’t get knocked out and need the support lines, I guess. xD

      I’m looking for the Revelation text dump to see if there was anything in there though! But having some trouble finding it.

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