Fire Emblem 7: Rath Artbook Translation

Today I translated and edited Rath (Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword)’s art book page (090). Japanese and English transcripts can be found below the picture! As well as the original image.

073RathTranslateKeep reading for the transcripts!

073 Rath

The proud, young man of the Kutolah Tribe
A Sacaen nomad in Laus, and the son of the Kutolah Tribe chief.  While he is quiet and his expression does not change much, he is proud of his heritage and does not hesitate to assist a fellow plainsman. From those words and actions, he is at his base a serious person. He helped his fellow Sacaen Lyn by accompanying her on her journey.

Estimated Age————————————-18
Title———————Young Wolf of the Plains
Status——————————-Person of Sacae
Weapon——————————–Bow / Sword

A witch doctor foresaw a calamity that involved “everything engulfed in crimson flames.” In order to stop this, Rath had separated from his tribe. One can easily imagine the incredible hardships he has faced since then. He has lived on his own ever since leaving the tribe, likely due to his tendency to speak very little and stoic nature. However, Rath had by no means cast aside his pride in his tribal heritage and managed to live on. Ever since the time he left his tribe, the awareness of Rath being the son of the tribe chief known as the “Grey Wolf” had grown even deeper.

Original Japanese Picture + Text:


073 Rath




More to come!


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