FE Fates Localization: Caeldori x Kiragi C Support Comparison (Strange)


This is another post in my ongoing Fire Emblem Fates localization comparison posts! I discuss anything from major to minor changes here. This one was requested to me by a reader on twitter!

Today, I look at Caeldori and Kiragi’s C support specifically. There was a slight (and strange) change I discovered when translating a 4koma strip that referenced the Japanese version here.

Please note that this post is purely informative and may share some opinion, but this does not mean the change is necessarily good or bad. A change is just a change that is being looked into, and you can be the judge of whether you like it or not!

It is all just for fun and curiosity for me. : )


So first, here’s the C support conversation as seen in the official localization:

==C Support==

Kiragi! There you are. It’s your turn for latrine duty. Glove up.

Fishmongers! But I was just about to go hunting. Think it could wait until I got back?

No, it absolutely cannot. The camp needs them cleaned now. Unless you think we should enjoy using a latrine overflowing with—

Come on, cut me some slack! Just this once? Please?

I’ll tell you what. If you best me in a duel, you can clean them after you get back. Is that acceptable?

No, that’s not fair! You know I can’t beat you!

Oh? You’ll never know unless you try. Of course, you can always refuse and get to work immediately.

Wait, no! How about we have an archery contest?

Archery? That would give you quite the advantage.

No, no, we can even things up. I’ll place my target twice as far away as yours. And if I don’t hit my target 10 times in a row, we’ll declare you the winner! How about it? Fair, right?

I suppose that might be acceptable.

Sweet! Let’s make it best out of three! Ready? Let’s go!

(Caeldori leaves)

(Kiragi leaves)

I lost?! How could I have lost?! And two rounds in a row!

Heh. Looks like someone underestimated me.

You’re amazing, Caeldori! You really are as talented as everyone says!

Oh, no, I’m not—

I’ve been looking for somebody to train with, and I think you fit the bill perfectly. How about it? Want to be my training partner?

Well…I don’t see why not. But before we discuss this further, I believe there are some latrines in need of cleaning.

Of course! I’m a man of my word. And after that, we can practice even more!

(Kiragi leaves)

Hey! Kiragi! Don’t rush it! If you don’t do a good job, you’ll be cleaning them twice!

In summary, Caeldori is hounding Kiragi about it being his turn to clean the latrine, and Kiragi trying to push that off to go hunting. One important thing to note is that Caeldori seems to have assigned him the duty then and there, which is a comparison point for later.


And here is my translated version of the Japanese script from the text dump (original Japanese can be found here):

Kiragi, I have come to retrieve the
report regarding the battlefield situation.

Darn! I forgot… I haven’t written it yet…
Is it alright if I do it when I get back from hunting?

You need to finish it as soon as possible.

But…come on! Please?
Just this once…?

Fine, how about we have a contest.
If you win, I’ll let you go just this once.

Huh… there’s no point
You’ll definitely win!

You won’t know unless you try, right?
If you refuse, then you may as well get to writing that report already.

Ahh! That’s it!
Let’s have an Archery contest!
I feel like I have a chance in that!

An Archery contest?
That would be skewed too much in your favor.

Don’t worry! To make things fair,
I’ll place my targets twice as far as your own.
And, if I miss even once out of ten shots…
then I lose.
How’s that?
That sound fair enough to you?

Well, I suppose…

Let’s have three rounds!
We’ll begin immediately!

<Fades Black Temporarily>

I…I lost…?!
All three rounds… with the same rules…
I still lost despite that…!

Hehehe~ You shouldn’t have
underestimated my learning ability.

Amazing…you’re amazing, Caeldori!
Just like that, you were able to easily surpass me!
You really are a prodigy!

W-well, I wouldn’t say that…

The truth is… I’ve always wanted
a partner like you to compete with!
Let’s both try our best
to come out on top from now on!

That sounds like a plan.
So, you will give up on going hunting then?

Yeah, of course! When I’m done writing this report,
Let’s continue our Archery contest!

Sure…fine by me.
But it would be good if you could
actually focus on writing that report first…

As you can see, in Japanese, Caeldori is there to collect a situational report on the battlefield (to which one can assume Kiragi usually scouts out the area, etc). He had completely forgot, meaning he knew it was his duty yet neglected it. He tries to push to go hunting and write it when he gets back, but there is an immediate need for that report (as it would likely come in handy for strategy meetings, etc). This is in contrast to the point I made earlier where it sounded like a duty Kiragi was trying to escape, rather than one he forgot to do. It’s a small difference but does say a lot for the character.

So, between the two supports, the crux is the same: Caeldori challenges Kiragi to a contest that he has to win if he wants to postpone his duty. However, the difference is what his duty is. In Japanese, it is to write up his battlefield report. In English, it is to clean the latrine. Both I suppose are matters of urgency in different ways, but the “battlefield report” probably more important in a war scenario… and the other is a matter of sanitation. Perhaps it was an attempt to lighten the mood or situation?

It makes me wonder why it was changed. It does not impact their contest much. The argument can go both ways, however. It is a small detail, so changing it should be no issue. Yet, it is because it is such a small thing that changing it feels like needless extra work? So it is quite strange in that way. I suppose it is strange that Caeldori would ask for a contest in the first place if she is in such a big rush for the report/latrine cleaning anyway…

From war report to cleaning latrines…

But, as usual with localization for these games, we may never know!

I have not read many of Kiragi’s other supports (in English or Japanese), so perhaps that will offer more insight on his character/how the localization wished to portray him beyond this single isolated example.

A reader on twitter suggested, for instance, that it may be a change to keep the character consistent and give a more humorous tone.

EDIT: I saw a post I liked and thought was worth noting by a user on Reddit , you can see it below:

I can kinda see why the NA version makes more sense to clean the latrine.

Caeldori is a perfectionist, she doesn’t like risks or putting things off. She’s not the kinda of person who would let Kiragi delay something as critical as a scouting report but she is lax enough to let him delay what basically amounts to cleaning the outhouse bathroom.

If anything the English version kinda feels more believable for a war scenario.

What do you think of this strange change? Can you think of any reason for it? Which do you prefer?  Let me know below!


6 thoughts on “FE Fates Localization: Caeldori x Kiragi C Support Comparison (Strange)

  1. I have to agree with the Redditor there. In addition to keeping Caeldori’s character consistent, it seems like a battlefield report (presumably a scouting report, enemy positions/fortifications/etc., or maybe ground conditions?) is best relayed in person, where whoever takes the report can ask for immediate clarification, and where they might have a map table. Or just to cut down on paperwork, which must be awkward for an army on the move. The change also makes Kiragi look less dangerously irresponsible. Shirking an unpleasant but necessary chore is very different than forgetting about a serious duty.

    So basically, I think it’s an odd change, but one for the better.

    • Thank you for taking the time and sharing your thoughts on the matter : )

      Indeed, I assume it was a scouting report of sorts. In writing would mostly make sense for more stationary enemy fortifications, but I assume perhaps some things (such as marking their locations on a map, etc) would be included that may be harder to do in person.

      But that’s besides the point, which as you and the Redditor said, does not change the fact it means a heavy burden was neglected, rather than avoiding an undesirable (and mundane) responsibility.

      I am not sure about how portrayal in the rest of the Japanese game, nor in the English one. If he is irresponsible for the rest of the Japanese supports, too, then this would be in line with his character portrayal, meaning it had been changed. For the better, yes, but perhaps not for those that want to stay true to what the original intention was.

  2. All these changes are stupid and utterly useless, seriously latrine duty? they ain’t not G.I soldier or boys scout just one mistake can cost the life of a lot of there man in the battlefield, changing a war report for a latrine duty is goofy it’s not even funny and make pass Kisaragi has a lazy bun(When he’s not). I know than the Hoshido heir are somehow more rebellious towards there paternal than the Nohrian childrien but Kisaragi is a exception, again Treehouse just ruin a character for the sake of promoting the memes grr.

    • Thank you for the comment!

      Was there a meme in there? I must have missed it xD

      Points people have raised for both sides have been pretty valid, it’s what makes it so hard to really prefer one over the other. Character changes (even the slightest that alter a character in the long run) are the ones I found to be the most “harmful,” as you suggested may be the case here changing the report to such.

  3. The NA version of the conversation comes off as much more humorous than the JP one. With that said though, I haven’t taken a look at the conversation in game, but I doubt music would be changed between scenes during the localization process. If the music used during the scene is more easy-going, I feel like NA’s version fits better (scenario wise). If it’s more solemn/serious, JP’s version works better.

    Treehouse seems to favor more humor in their localizations. That change might have been part of a larger, overall strategy meant to attain a wider, accessible market for the series.

    • I’ve only seen it in text as well, so not sure how the music is and such, but doubt it would be changed too. That’s a good point on it though, about how the music would fit the different moods depending on how it is. They do seem to go for more humor, which isn’t necessarily a problem, especially when development is still kept. But at the same time may make one feel that maybe this war shouldn’t be taken too seriously…I guess. xD

      Thank you for the in-depth comment : )

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