FE Fates Localization: Nyx Support Comparison (Reblog)



This is another post in my ongoing Fire Emblem Fates localization comparison posts! I discuss anything from major to minor changes here.

Today, however, I did not do the comparison, rather, I came across an intriguing article that discusses Nyx’s supports between Japanese and English, and how it changes her portrayal. Namely, how she seems more concerned about the body she is stuck in (English) versus the guilt she feels due to the mass-murder she committed (Japanese) as a side effect of her portrayal.

I already looked at some changes with Nyx, such as her death quote. So it’s interesting seeing some more in her supports.

Please don’t use this summary for detail, as a lot of things may be taken out of context. So, instead:

Please head over to this lovely post to read about it in detail!


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