Fire Emblem 6/7: Artbook Translations (All)

UPDATE: Now you can download them all as one RAR file here.


Please note, as one of my older translations, this book is very literally translated. Someday I hope to give it a more professional run through.

I am considering acquiring another copy of this book to unbind and scan in high quality as well as iron out the translations. If interested in funding this project, please donate above and add a note!

Original Post:

This is every single profile from Fire Emblem 6 (Sword of Seals) and Fire Emblem 7 (Blazing Sword) translated on this website and put in one place!

I used the names that were on the pages, even if they had official localized names in FE7 for FE6, with a few exceptions. However, from FE7 onward I used the officially localized names.

56 K Warning for a lot of images ahead! All of the scans for FE6 are from Some of the FE7 ones are too, but I scanned the ones they were missing. All were edited/translated by me. Their original Japanese transcripts are found on their original pages.

These are in order. Enjoy this milestone!

RoyTranslate002MarcusTranslate003AlenTranslate004LanceTranslate005WoltTranslate006BorsTranslate007ElenTranslate008DieckTranslate009ThanyTranslate010WadeTranslate011LotTranslate012ChadTranslate013LughTranslate014ClarineTranslate015RutgerTranslate016SaulTranslate017DorothyTranslate018CathTranslate019SueTranslate020ZelotsTranslate021TrecTranslate022NoahTranslate023AstoreTranslateLilinaTranslate025BathTranslate026OgierTranslate027WendyTranslate028FirTranslate029SinTranslate030GeeseTranslate031GonzalezTranslate032LalumTranslate033KleinTranslate034ThiteTranslate035EkhidnaTranslate036ElphinTranslate037BartrTranslate038LleuTranslate039MiladyTranslate040CeciliaTranslate041SofiyaTranslate042IgreneTranslate043PercevalTranslate044GarretTranslate045FaTranslate046HughTranslate047ZeissTranslate048DouglasTranslate 049NimueTranslate 050JunoTranslate 051DayanTranslate

052JodelTranslate 053KarelTranslate 054MerlinusTranslate 055GalleTranslate 056NacienTranslate 057BrunnyaTranslate 058MardocTranslate 059ZefhyrTranslate060IdennTranslate061JahnTranslate 062GuinevereTranslate 063EliwodTranslate 064HectorTranslate065LyndisTranslate 066SainTranslate 067KentTranslate

068Florina 069WillTranslate 070DorcasTranslate 071SerraTranslate 072ErkTranslate 073RathTranslate 074MathewTranslate 075NilsTranslate 076LuciusTranslate

WalleceTranslate 078EliwoodTranslate 079MarcusTranslate 080LowenTranslate 081RebeccaTranslate 082BartreTranslate 083HectorTranslate 084OswinTranslate 085GuyTranslate 086PriscillaTranslate 087RavenTranslate 088CanasTranslate 089DartTranslate 090FioraTranslate 091LagaultTranslate 092NinianTranslate 093IsadoraTranslate 094HeathTranslate 095HawkeyeTranslate 096GaitzTranslate 097PentTranslate 098LuiseTranslate 099HarkenTranslate 100KarelTranslate 101NinoTranslate 102JaffarTranslate 103VaidaTranslateRenatoTranslate  105AthosTranslate 106FarinaTranslate

KarlaTranslate 108MerlinusTranslate109LloydTranslate 110LinusTranslate UrsulaTranslate


113SoniaTranslate 114LimstellaTranslate 115NergalTranslate 116LeilaTranslate 117118ZephielGuinevereTranslate


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